A celebration of a child who never got to be born – Jair F Coll’s best photograph

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I’ve been taking photographs successful Quinamayó successful westbound Colombia for astir six years now, for a task astir nan town’s Black Baby Jesus celebrations. Quinamayó is what is known successful Colombia arsenic a palenque, a organization founded by enslaved group who fled nan country’s haciendas earlier slavery was abolished successful nan 1850s. These group had not been allowed to sphere their African taste beliefs – nor to participate successful nan astir important Catholic events, moreover though they had been forced to person to Catholicism. So successful Quinamayó they decided to execute their ain type of Christmas, 45 days aft nan accepted day – nan aforesaid number of days nan Virgin Mary is said to person rested aft nan birth. The ceremony still takes spot each twelvemonth successful mid-February.

It lasts 4 days, pinch nan 2nd time devoted to a convoy centring connected a woody fig of Black Baby Jesus, which is paraded astir nan town. Children dress up arsenic biblical characters and group creation to a section variety of nan juga rhythm, which successful Quinamayó is performed by a brass band. Dancers shuffle their feet arsenic a reference to their forebears, pinch chains astir their ankles.

Three days aft I’d photographed this year’s celebration, nan head of Quinamayó’s juga set messaged maine to opportunity a kid had died successful nan municipality and a bunde was going to return spot that night. That’s a ritual successful which a kid up to nan property of 10 is some mourned and celebrated – nan contented dates backmost to a clip erstwhile nan passing of children was seen arsenic a merchandise from nan suffering of slavery. It was thing I hadn’t witnessed before. Quinamayó is an hr and a half from my location by car, truthful I group retired immediately.

Everyone successful nan neighbourhood is invited to a bunde. There’s a norm you person to respect if you are going to return part, moreover arsenic a vocalist aliases dancer aliases a personnel of nan set – and that norm is that you cannot spell location earlier nan kid is buried astatine midnight. If you effort to time off earlier nan end, their tone will pursuit you, forcing you to return. According to what I was told, nan shade will return nan shape of an animal, an insect, a butterfly, a sound, aliases an invisible manus that will travel to fetch you.

For nan group of Quinamayó, life originates astatine nan infinitesimal of conception, and nan babe being celebrated successful this bunde had been mislaid owed to miscarriage 4 months earlier her owed date. Her mother Jessica wasn’t good capable to beryllium coming – she stayed wrong her house, nan building successful nan photograph. Other members of her family took part. Some of nan children you tin spot filming connected their phones successful nan inheritance are Jessica’s cousins and nephews, and nan 2 women – Mónica Carabalí and Nazly Paola Ramos – are friends of nan family. The baby, referred to by galore arsenic angelito (little angel), was named Zoe Fernanda Camacho Aranda, and it is her mini funeral casket they’re dancing successful beforehand of.

According to nan Afro-Colombian communities who practise these celebrations, children who dice earlier nan property of 10 are wholly free of sin, arsenic opposed to nan accustomed Catholic belief that we inherit original misdeed astatine birth. The small angel connected nan banner down nan casket represents Zoe and was drawn by family members. She looks happy. If you look very intimately you’ll besides spot that nan only photographic materials relating to nan life of Zoe person been stuck underneath: her antenatal scans.

Having gained nan spot of nan community, I was allowed generous entree and witnessed nan full arena – nan singing and dancing astatine nan start, and nan coffin being carried to nan cemetery wherever children surrounded it pinch candles, earlier group said their past words and Zoe was buried.

Racism is simply a structural problem passim nan state and Afro-Colombian customs are sometimes exoticised, but celebrations specified arsenic Black Baby Jesus and this bunde should beryllium recognised arsenic being portion of Colombia’s nationalist taste heritage. I person travel to respect Quinamayó arsenic an illustration of Afro resilience, and want group who spot my photographs to consciousness that aforesaid consciousness of admiration.

Jair F Coll’s CV

Jair F Coll

Born: Cali, Colombia, 1997
Trained: Universidad Autónoma de Occidente, Colombia
Influences: “Luisa Dörr, Richard Rinaldi, Johis Alarcón, Juanita Escobar”
High point: “The 2 and a half years I’ve been moving arsenic a freelance photographer for nan New York Times, Bloomberg, Reuters and nan UN”
Low point: “Not having capable courageousness to discontinue an earlier occupation that wasn’t meant for storytelling”
Top tip: “Find a individual task and a mentor. The first is captious for building your imagination arsenic an author. The second, to situation nan ways you represent nan world”

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