Amanda Knox vows to fight ‘unfair’ rejection of slander appeal

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Amanda Knox has said an Italian court’s determination to uphold her accusation conviction for wrongly accusing a barroom proprietor of murdering nan British student Meredith Kercher was “unfair and incorrect” and vowed to proceed her conflict against “this injustice”.

Knox, 36, near done a backmost exit of a Florence appeals tribunal connected Wednesday and cancelled a planned property convention aft judges rejected her entreaty to person nan condemnation dropped.

In an exclusive question and reply pinch Sky TG24 airing successful Italy connected Thursday night, filmed adjacent to Perugia, nan Umbrian assemblage municipality wherever Kercher was killed, Knox said she was “really disappointed” by nan verdict.

“I haven’t slept,” she said. “I consciousness sad but I’m determined. I person thing to hide and I will ne'er extremity telling nan truth. I didn’t accusation Patrick [Lumumba, nan barroom owner]. I didn’t termination my friend. I will travel backmost present arsenic galore times arsenic I person to successful bid to conflict against this injustice.”

Knox, who on pinch her Italian ex-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito spent 4 years successful situation aft being convicted complete Kercher’s execution earlier being definitively acquitted successful 2015, had asked for nan accusation condemnation to beryllium dropped connected nan ground of a ruling by nan European tribunal of quality authorities successful 2019 that said her defence authorities had been violated during constabulary questioning successful 2007. Italy’s apical tribunal ordered a retrial of nan accusation complaint successful October.

Kercher, a 21-year-old student from Coulsdon, southbound London, was murdered successful nan location she shared pinch Knox successful November 2007. Her assemblage was recovered successful her bedroom, partially undressed, pinch aggregate stab wounds. She had been sexually assaulted.

Knox, who was depicted by nan British property arsenic “foxy Knoxy”, was handed a three-year jailhouse word aft wrongly accusing Lumumba, who owned a barroom wherever she worked part-time successful Perugia, of having committed nan crime.

Lumumba spent 2 weeks successful jailhouse and was released only aft a witnesser came guardant pinch an alibi for him. Knox’s condemnation was served during nan 4 years she was imprisoned earlier being recovered not blameworthy of Kercher’s execution connected entreaty successful 2011.

Lawyers for Knox, who astatine nan clip was a 20-year-old student who said basal Italian, based on she made nan allegation against Lumumba nether constabulary duress and did not person ineligible assistance aliases an interpreter.

Knox alleged she was “psychologically tortured” by nan constabulary during questioning. She said: “It was nan worst acquisition of my life. They made maine deliberation I was crazy.”

She said she had been “unjustly accused” for 17 years. “That is, my full big life. I spent 4 years successful situation arsenic an guiltless person.”

Asked astir those who still did not judge her innocence, Knox said: “If group really took nan clip to spot nan documents past they will judge successful my innocence and not successful a imagination that doesn’t exist.” She added: “I’m not foxy Knoxy, I’m Amanda Knox.”

Rudy Guede, who was nan only personification definitively convicted of nan murder, was released from prison successful November 2021 aft completing 13 years of a 16-year-sentence.

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