Austrian-Canadian billionaire Frank Stronach charged with sexual assault

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Authorities successful Canada person charged Austrian-Canadian car parts billionaire Frank Stronach pinch intersexual battle making love backmost to nan 1980s.

Peel location constabulary said successful a connection that Stronach, 91, was arrested connected Friday and charged pinch 5 crimes including, rape, indecent battle connected a female, intersexual battle and forcible confinement.

Police allege nan intersexual assaults spanned from nan 1980s to arsenic caller arsenic 2023.

A lawyer for Stronach did not instantly respond for a petition for comment.

Constable Tyler Bell of Peel location constabulary said location was much than 1 alleged unfortunate but declined to opportunity really many.

“Obviously, this is simply a high-profile case,” Bell said. “Our typical victims portion is bound to protect nan victims and successful doing truthful that’s why we’re are being vague.

“There is much than 1 unfortunate but we won’t corroborate that number yet.”

Bell said they were appealing to members of nan nationalist to travel guardant if they person accusation aliases person been victims.

The connection said Stronach had been released connected conditions and will look astatine nan tribunal of justness successful Brampton, Ontario, astatine a later date.

The billionaire laminitis of Magna car parts has besides had awesome investments successful equine racing. He has been named to nan Order of Canada, 1 of nan country’s highest honors.

Source theguardian