Body found in search for two-year-old boy who fell into river in Leicester

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A assemblage has been recovered successful nan hunt for a two-year-old boy who fell into a stream much than 3 months ago.

Xielo Maruziva fell into nan River Soar connected 18 February while stepping on a towpath successful Aylestone Meadows, a quality reserve successful Leicester, wherever nan stream had flooded owed to dense rain.

His begetter went into nan h2o to effort to retrieve him but was incapable to do so.

Leicestershire constabulary said a assemblage was recovered connected Thursday greeting by workers successful nan area. The assemblage has been recovered and general recognition will return place, while master officers are providing support to Xielo’s family.

Assistant main constable Michaela Kerr said: “This is devastating news and our thoughts are pinch Xielo’s family. We are truthful sorry to bring them this news which we were each dreading and our afloat support is being provided to them astatine this astir difficult time.

“Full support is besides being provided to nan workers who were successful nan area of Aylestone Meadows this greeting and I want to convey them for their support and practice successful nan astir horrendous and unimaginable circumstances.”

A dedicated hunt was launched for Xielo successful February pinch master teams deployed to nan area and much than 200 officers brought successful to help.

National Police Air Service helicopters, drones, boats, divers and backstage diving teams, marine dogs and teams from Nottinghamshire police, Lincolnshire constabulary and different forces crossed nan state joined nan efforts to find nan boy.

The hunt was scaled backmost towards nan extremity of March, pinch Leicestershire constabulary saying further master resources from crossed nan state would nary longer beryllium astatine nan scene, though regular patrols of nan h2o and riverbank would continue.

After nan find of nan body, Kerr said: “Thank you to everyone who has been progressive successful nan hunt for Xielo for your dedicated activity successful highly traumatic circumstances and an highly analyzable search. Thank you besides to our communities and wider members of nan nationalist for your continued support.”

Speaking aft Xielo first fell into nan river, nan boy’s begetter said he was a “bundle of joyousness to us”.

He was a “charming and imaginative small boy, and has conscionable started astatine nursery”, he said, and “it is difficult to picture nan symptom and suffering we are going through”.

“We would for illustration to convey nan hunt teams. We would besides for illustration to convey members of nan nationalist for each of your support. It is your prayers which are keeping america strong,” he said.

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