Body of man believed to be TV doctor Michael Mosley found on Greek island, authorities say

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Greek authorities person confirmed that nan assemblage of a man believed to beryllium nan missing British expert Michael Mosley has been recovered connected nan land of Symi.

Mosley went missing aft going for a coastal locomotion connected nan island.

“He has been recovered successful nan area of Ayia Marina,” nan island’s lawman politician Nikitas Grillas told nan Guardian. “I tin corroborate that it is him.”

The find came connected nan 5th time of a monolithic air, onshore and oversea cognition to find nan TV presenter and wellness guru who popularised intermittent fasting and designed nan 5:2 diet.

Mosley, 67, was past seen erstwhile he group disconnected hiking on St Nikolas formation connected nan land of Symi astatine 1.30pm section clip connected Wednesday.

His wife, Dr Clare Bailey, raised nan siren aft he grounded to return by 7.30pm. A hunt and rescue cognition was launched to find nan doctor, who is champion known for his appearances connected The One Show and This Morning.

The hunt included police, firefighters, specially trained dogs, volunteers and a drone. Police were moving connected nan presumption that Mosley whitethorn person been affected by nan power and slipped and fallen, possibly from a height.

Mosley, a columnist for nan Daily Mail, made a number of documentaries astir fare and exercise, including nan Channel 4 show Michael Mosley: Who Made Britain Fat? He was besides portion of nan BBC bid Trust Me, I’m a Doctor.

He lived pinch tapeworms successful his courage for six weeks for nan documentary Infested! Living With Parasites connected BBC Four.

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Mosley was besides credited for nan rising fame of nan 5:2 diet, which involves fasting for 2 days a week to suffer weight. He was named aesculapian journalist of nan twelvemonth by nan British Medical Association successful 1995.

Source theguardian