British surgeon in Gaza speaks out as Israel offensive deepens in Rafah – video

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British surgeon Dr Omar El-Taji has been successful Gaza for much than a week pinch aesculapian nonprofit Fajr Scientific, moving successful 1 of Gaza’s largest remaining hospitals arsenic Israel’s penetration of Rafah deepens. The European hospital, which was founded by Unrwa pinch a assistance from nan EU, has constricted resources and less section unit to woody pinch precocious numbers of patients being admitted pinch devastating injuries. ‘These group person gone done this for six to 7 months now, they cannot spell done this immoderate more,’ says El-Taji, who is presently surviving astatine nan infirmary aft nan aesculapian team’s safe location was evacuated. The Israeli premier minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has truthful acold rejected US unit to clasp disconnected connected a full-scale attack, claiming Rafah is nan past stronghold of Hamas and that Israel tin only execute its warfare intends by sidesplitting militants and leaders successful nan city

  • Israeli tanks scope residential areas arsenic IDF pushes further into Rafah

Source theguardian