Bronson Battersby died of dehydration next to father’s body, inquest hears

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Two-year-old Bronson Battersby, who was recovered dormant adjacent to his father’s assemblage astatine their location aft not being seen for respective days, died from dehydration, a coroner’s tribunal has heard.

An inquest into Bronson’s decease heard he “appeared to beryllium rather malnourished” erstwhile his assemblage was discovered betwixt nan legs of his 60-year-old father, Kenneth Battersby, astatine their location successful Skegness, Lincolnshire.

The brace were recovered aft a neighbour called constabulary connected nan day of 9 January, saying she had not seen Battersby for respective days and “there was a smell coming from nan flat”.

Relatives said they believed Battersby died from earthy causes.

During a little proceeding astatine Greater Lincolnshire coroner’s tribunal connected Thursday, it was confirmed a postmortem had fixed Bronson’s origin of decease arsenic dehydration, and his assemblage was formally identified by a detective sergeant connected 15 January.

DI Claire Rimmer, of Lincolnshire Eastern Protecting Vulnerable Persons Unit, said Bronson lived successful a basement level pinch his father, who had separated from his mother.

She told nan elder coroner Paul Smith that a societal worker and landlord gained introduction to nan level connected 9 January and recovered Battersby’s assemblage connected nan level down nan living-room door, preventing it from being opened further and leaving them “unaware that Bronson was besides successful nan room”.

Paramedics attended and nan deaths of nan begetter and boy were confirmed astatine 4.31pm, nan tribunal heard.

The coroner was told a malnourished canine was recovered wrong nan property, while nan bath tub was “filled pinch water”.

Adjourning nan inquest to a provisional day of 10 December, Smith said Bronson’s decease “clearly requires a thorough and delicate investigation”.

The constabulary watchdog antecedently said it would analyse whether location were immoderate missed opportunities by officers earlier Bronson and his begetter died.

Lincolnshire region assembly has confirmed Bronson was known to children’s services and would typically beryllium seen astatine slightest erstwhile a period by societal workers.

In a connection soon aft their deaths, nan region assembly confirmed that a societal worker communicated pinch Battersby connected 27 December and arranged to sojourn connected 2 January, but location was nary consequence erstwhile they arrived.

The societal worker “made inquiries astatine different addresses wherever nan kid could be” and contacted police, earlier a 2nd unannounced sojourn connected 4 January besides went unanswered, and Lincolnshire constabulary were contacted again.

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