California woman, 71, mauled to death in state’s first fatal black bear attack

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A 71-year-old female was mauled to decease by a achromatic carnivore successful a Sierra Nevada organization successful 2023 successful what is believed to beryllium California’s first fatal black carnivore attack, nan authorities section of food and wildlife confirmed this week.

Patrice Miller was recovered dormant successful her Downieville location successful November by a Sierra region sheriff’s lawman who was called to nan residence to cheque connected nan elder aft she had not been seen for respective days, KCRA3 reported.

“Upon showing up, [they] instantly saw grounds of carnivore intrusion into nan house,” Mike Fisher, nan region sheriff, told nan outlet. “The doorway was broken. There was carnivore scat connected nan porch.”

Authorities initially believed Miller had died of earthy causes earlier nan carnivore entered her location and mauled her, but earlier this twelvemonth a pathologist determined she had been fatally attacked by nan animal.

The California section of food and wildlife confirmed nan incident is nan first known and documented fatal achromatic carnivore onslaught successful authorities history.

The carnivore responsible for nan onslaught successful Downieville, a mini upland municipality adjacent nan Tahoe nationalist forest, was later trapped and euthanized, nan section said successful a statement. Authorities utilized DNA testing to corroborate that nan carnivore was nan aforesaid animal responsible for her death.

The region has agelong had an rumor pinch bears rummaging adjacent homes and yards looking for food. Around nan adjacent Lake Tahoe, a celebrated nickname for wintertime skiing and summertime recreation, location has been an summation successful carnivore break-ins successful caller years.

In Downieville, Miller’s girl said that bears were often trying to get successful “through surgery windows, and that her mother had physically deed 1 to support it from entering her residence”, KCRA reported. She had reportedly named 1 carnivore who was a regular visitant “big bastard”.

The sheriff told nan outlet that Miller’s location had a batch of “bear attractants”, and that she would provender her cats connected nan beforehand structure of nan house.

Last month, a carnivore tried to break into respective Downieville homes and was later changeable by deputies arsenic it attempted to summation entree into a section schoolhouse gym.

“Since early May, nan sheriff’s agency has been inundated pinch regular reports from distressed homeowners and business owners regarding bears breaking into residences and vehicles, creating havoc and endangering section residents,” nan sheriff’s agency said of nan astir caller incident.

“Given nan escalating threat posed by nan bear’s behaviour and nan imminent threat it presented to residents, deputies were near pinch nary prime but to euthanize nan carnivore successful nan liking of nationalist safety.”

The sheriff’s agency advises residents successful Downieville to return precautions to debar encounters pinch bears and different wildlife, including closing doors and windows, locking vehicles and removing immoderate extracurricular nutrient sources specified arsenic garbage.

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