Carlos Alcaraz v Alexander Zverev: French Open 2024 men’s singles final – live

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Salut tout le monde and bienvenue à Roland-Garros 2024 – le finale hommes!

2004 feels for illustration a agelong clip agone – partially because nan world has changed a batch since then, but chiefly because, er … it is? Which makes it each nan much mind-boggling that it was besides nan past clip we had a French Open last that didn’t see him, him aliases him – grant yourself nan reward of your prime if you instantly thought yes of course, Gastón Gaudio hit Guillermo Coria 8-6 successful nan 5th aft losing nan first 2 sets 0-6 3-6.

And a further dainty is each yours if you tin callback that nan pursuing year, it was Mariano Puerta – yes that’s the Mariano Puerta – losing to 19-year-old debutant Rafael Nadal. Now, though, we’ve an wholly different group of dynastic hopefuls – nan Alcaraz-Sinner semi felt for illustration epochal alteration – 2 of whom will annihilate themselves for our delectation this afternoon.

Alcaraz is 1 of nan astir compelling entertainers our athletics has ever seen, a bully vibes John McEnroe pinch joyousness and emotion wafting from each pore. But make nary mistake: overmuch arsenic we’d each emotion to cuddle him, he remains an absolute killer, his artist’s imagination backed up by nan accumulation viciousness of a ninja’s forehand and and nan certainty that erstwhile he needs to get it done, he can.

Alexander Zverev, connected nan different hand, was fortunate capable to look “only” Dominic Thiem successful his only different awesome last and went up 2 sets … past mislaid successful a fifth-set tiebreak. He’s improved a batch since then, though, his first service and backhand 2 of nan champion shots successful nan game, and retains unbelievable belief successful his expertise contempt a dicky 2nd service and forehand.

Alcaraz, though, is peculiarly superb pinch his forehand cross-court and forehand inside-in, shots cleanable for attacking his opponent’s anemic wing, and if he keeps nan caput nan likelihood is he gets it done. But nary subordinate boasting weapons arsenic damaging arsenic Zverev’s tin beryllium discounted, truthful it’s les yeux baissés for what could beryllium nan first of galore classics.

Play: 2.30pm local, 1.30pm BST

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