Carlos Alcaraz v Jannik Sinner: French Open men’s singles semi-final – live

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And of people that’s not our only match: later on, Katy Murrells will coax you done Casper Ruud v Alexander Zverev successful a repetition of past year’s semi – which Ruud won successful three. I’m not judge it’ll beryllium for illustration that this time, but – Zverev has improved a batch since past and has nan bigger weapons. Consequently, if he plays good he almost decidedly wins, but if Ruud tin get aft what remains a dicky forehand – he’s conscionable amended astatine hiding it now – and 2nd serve, he’s a chance.


Tennis is successful a funny spot astatine nan moment; a funny place, but a awesome place. When watching nan women’s competitions, we’re mostly clueless arsenic to what mightiness travel to walk – who had Mirra Andreeva and Jasmine Paolini arsenic semi-finalists? No one. Whereas watching nan men, we consciousness for illustration we much aliases little cognize – who had Jannik Sinner, Carlos Alcaraz and Alexander Zverev arsenic semi-finalists? Er, everyone? The only astonishment is nan absence of Novak Djokovic, and but for wounded he’d presumably person recovered a measurement of sneaking in.

Now, though, who knows? Over nan past twelvemonth aliases so, Jannik Sinner has discovered his champion self, adding popular to his already nails groundstrokes and improving his hands astatine nan net. He besides knows he tin travel from down past enactment calm capable to spot retired nan win, successful nan last of a Grand Slam – and that he’s still sewage plentifulness of improving near to do.

Carlos Alcaraz knows nan aforesaid things – yes, without nan staying calm bit, but that’s nan beauty of him and a beauty of this contest. Like Sinner, he’ll onslaught everything, but dissimilar Sinner, you simply cannot foretell how; nan tuissle is creator v artisan, jamming v playing and freestyling v rapping.

So what are nan points of difference? Well, Sinner hits it somewhat harder but Alcaraz hits it somewhat much consistently, and connected clay nan second is of somewhat greater use. But connected this juncture nan consciousness is that style – really they play – will beryllium subservient to constituent – really good they play. Or, successful different words, I don’t person a clue, and anyone who says they do is lying. What, though, feels certain, is that this match-up is not conscionable nan coming but nan early – and it’s going to beryllium great.

Play: not earlier 2.30pm local, 1.30pm BST

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