Daryll Neita misses out on 200m gold by 0.01sec … after thinking she had won

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Whenever Daryll Neita is astatine a loose end, she often watches videos of herself moving connected loop. It is simply a process that tin swallow up hours, arsenic she plays, pauses and rewinds footage connected her phone, scanning for clues for illustration a forensics scientist, hoping it will thief her put to together nan cleanable race. Sadly, aft a melodramatic and heartbreaking nighttime successful Rome, she is still waiting.

It was achy capable that Neita, whose bubbly characteristic makes her 1 of nan much celebrated ­members of nan British team, had been a large favourite for 200m. And that she mislaid retired connected golden by 0.01sec. But nan last heartbreak came erstwhile she crossed nan statement and thought she had won – only to show nan Swiss jock Mujinga Kambundji had pipped her successful a photograph decorativeness successful 22.49sec.

“I americium honestly conscionable truthful disappointed,” said Neita, who had to settee for silver. “I cognize really overmuch I should person sewage that. I thought it was adjacent connected nan line, I could consciousness myself dipping which isn’t my strongest thing.”

Neita, who has won individual bronze medals astatine nan European championships and ­Commonwealth Games, praised Kambundji ­afterwards. But she knew she had blown a aureate opportunity. “I’m upset astatine myself because I came present for nan gold,” she said.

There was different British badge connected nan penultimate nighttime arsenic Megan Keith won bronze successful only her 3rd 10,000m race. It was immoderate performance, particularly arsenic nan 22-year-old student from Inverness had been reluctant to move up from 5,000m arsenic she recovered nan arena dull.

But successful a title wherever nan gait quickly whittled down nan section and forced her chap British ­runners ­Jessica Judd-Warner and Eilish McColgan to driblet out, Keith held firm. She moreover bravely took nan lead pinch 5 laps left, but had nary reply erstwhile Italy’s Nadia Battocletti, who won nan 5,000m, kicked for location to triumph successful 30min 51.32sec.

“I’m really happy,” said Keith, who came location successful 31:04.77. “I gave it a changeable for a brighter colour but you can’t not beryllium happy pinch a bronze. I’m conscionable soaking it each in.”

Asked astir her comments successful March astir nan 10,000m being “pretty boring”, she said: “I guidelines by it being monotonous. You person to area retired but besides support aggravated ­concentration. I’m still practising that. But I don’t find it dull, it’s conscionable a new challenge.”

Megan Keith connected her measurement to bronze successful nan 10,00m
Megan Keith connected her measurement to bronze successful nan 10,000m. Photograph: Manon Cruz/Reuters

This was besides a nighttime erstwhile aggregate Olympic and world champions laid down a thumping marker earlier nan Paris Games. Everywhere you looked records were toppled, accompanied by gasps of astonishment and awe.

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In nan men’s 400m hurdles, ­Norway’s Karsten Warholm collapsed nan European title grounds successful 46.98sec, winning by much than half a 2nd from nan Italian ­Alessandro Sibilio. Femke Bol’s consequence successful nan women’s 400m hurdles? To smash nan title grounds while ­winning by nan champion portion of two ­seconds successful 52.49.

In nan men’s triple jump nan ­Spaniard Jordan Díaz Fortun past jumped 18.18m – nan third-longest successful history and only 11cm down ­Jonathan Edwards’s 29-year-old world grounds – to return gold. Another title record.

But nan biggest cheer of a awesome nighttime successful Rome came erstwhile Gianmarco Tamberi, who famously shared an Olympic golden medal successful Tokyo, soared complete 2.37m to triumph nan precocious jump successful beforehand of an adoring location crowd.

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