Digested week: Murdoch marries as UK politics rumbles on

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So overmuch bad news astir these days, but astatine nan opening of this week, for illustration a shaft of axenic sunlight, news of a nonagenarian uncovering emotion and marrying his sweetheart successful a mini ceremonial attended only by his closest business associates and, judging by reports, nary of his children.

Rupert Murdoch, nan tycoon who keeps giving, delivers yet different Hallmark infinitesimal pinch his 5th marriage, this clip to Elena Zhukova, a female wide characterised successful nan property arsenic a “67-year-old retired molecular biologist,” though nan much pertinent biographical detail, to my mind, is that she utilized to beryllium joined to an lipid billionaire and was erstwhile Roman Abramovich’s mother-in-law. (Zhukova’s daughter, Dasha, very overmuch entering nan family business, was formerly joined to nan Russian oligarch).

As ever erstwhile discussing nan Dirty Digger’s backstage life, nan main mobility is: why? Why does he wed these women? The communicative put astir by those who cognize and person worked pinch nan man is that Murdoch, who divided Jerry Hall successful 2022 and for a lively fortnight past twelvemonth was engaged to Ann Lesley Smith, is an “incurable romantic”. I person heard these very words from nan rima of a different billionaire, who, successful keeping pinch nan chap emotion group thin to person towards different members of their class, was adamant that Murdoch is conscionable a soppy aged thing.


The rumble successful nan jungle, nan thrilla successful Manila, nan … leaders statement successful Salford, featuring 2 men who person some made nan astonishing determination to prosecute careers that require them to look often connected television. It was hard, successful nan debate’s opening moments, to take who, betwixt Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer, had nan much awkward style; Sunak, an overseas combo of obsequious caput boy and pleading people punch bag. And Starmer, giving disconnected truthful overmuch adenoidal Dad’s Army power that each he lacked was a hand-knitted scarf. Ruddy hooligans!

A man and a female wearing a suit locomotion together
Hunter Biden: “I could guidelines successful nan mediate of Fifth Avenue and sprout personification and I’d still look little crooked than Trump.” Photograph: Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images

The quote of nan evening was undoubtedly Sunak’s, badgered retired of him erstwhile Starmer mocked his assertion that NHS waiting lists are coming down. What, asked Starmer, does “coming down” mean erstwhile waiting lists are astatine 7.5m? “They’re coming down from wherever they were erstwhile they were higher,” said Sunak, earlier repeating Starmer’s building “smash nan gangs”, a reminder that, nary matter nan argument, you tin ne'er repetition what nan different personification conscionable said and dream to clasp your dignity.


A prime paragraph successful a caller Grazia interview pinch Victoria Beckham disclosed that her 12-year-old daughter, Harper, whipped up a Power Point position to lobby her parents to a) fto her get her hairsbreadth permed and b) driblet netball because it threatened her nails.

What David and Victoria’s ruling connected nan netball petition might’ve been remains undisclosed, but it was, according to nan article, a difficult nary connected nan mobility of nan perm. This leads 1 to wonderment much mostly astir what whitethorn aliases whitethorn not beryllium permitted arsenic nan girl of Posh Spice. This is simply a female who, aft all, hasn’t knowingly eaten food for 25 years, suggesting a fraught narration pinch joyousness besides coming successful her inability to fto her kid take a bad haircut. Although, by nan sounds of it, Harper is much than tin of opinionated up for herself and, via position software, prosecuting a much sensible agenda.


What tanking American media brands request correct now is nan deployment of a batch of achromatic guys from Britain. News from The Washington Post this week that nan editor, Sally Buzbee, is retired and a contingent of British men coming in, was met connected societal media pinch a corporate eye-roll, mostly from British women successful elder activity positions. There are, I’m sure, tons of perfectly capable achromatic men moving things successful Britain, but taken arsenic a group, it is safe to opportunity that British women are little seduced by their curb entreaty than Jeff Bezos appears to be.

A boy makes a silly look by sticking his lingua retired and opening his eyes wide arsenic he sits adjacent to a leader successful nan House of Representatives
Kid pulling look successful nan senate: “Pilot strategy introduces kid interpreters during governmental speeches to sum up really astir of america consciousness astir politics.” Photograph: AP

Will Lewis, nan main executive of nan Post, erstwhile editor of nan Daily Telegraph, and British achromatic guy, appointed Robert Winnett, Lewis’ protege, lawman editor of nan Telegraph, and British achromatic guy, to return complete arsenic editor of nan Post soon aft nan US statesmanlike predetermination this November, a bold prime fixed Winnett’s deficiency of acquisition successful nan American market.

He will, I’m sure, beryllium awesome – he is, aft all, a achromatic feline from Britain – and prosecute pinch immoderate vigour nan communicative covered by Sally Buzbee that whitethorn person hastened her departure from nan company. That is: Prince Harry’s telephone hacking case, successful which nan latest executive to beryllium accused of engaging successful a scheme to conceal grounds is 1 Will Lewis. He denies nan allegations. American hacks, meanwhile, look connected successful horror. As NPR claimed this week, “Lewis has engaged successful aggravated efforts to caput disconnected sum astir him successful ways that galore US journalists would see profoundly inappropriate.” Oo-er!


A friend who lives downtown texts maine aft catching show of much saviours: “there are clean-cut young achromatic guys shovelling mulch successful Tompkins Square Park, wearing T-shirts that opportunity MORGAN STANLEY VOLUNTEERS,” she writes. How thrilling. I request to cognize really 1 gets successful touch pinch these people, what different services they offer, whether they tin travel information and cleanable my flat, and wherever tin I get 1 of those T-shirts.

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