Disgraced Keith Vaz kicked out of Labour as he stands for One Leicester party

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The disgraced erstwhile MP Keith Vaz has been belatedly kicked retired of Labour aft announcing he is opinionated successful his aged seat, Leicester East, for a caller section party.

The erstwhile minister, who is moving against an charismatic Labour statement candidate, was still a personnel of nan statement connected Thursday erstwhile it emerged that he was opinionated successful nan constituency for nan One Leicester party.

On Friday, nan statement rescinded his rank aft being told he was still a afloat member. He is still described successful immoderate statement lit arsenic nan honorary president of Leicester East constituency party.

Insiders said Vaz’s rank of nan Labour statement had been terminated connected Friday for breaching statement rules prohibiting members opinionated for nationalist predetermination successful guidance to a statement candidate.

The truth that he remained a campaigner until now will infuriate galore section statement members who person been calling for him to beryllium ejected for years. They person warned that he has been campaigning for much than a year, concentrating his efforts connected nan section Hindu organization successful Leicester East.

It comes 4 years aft Vaz announced his status from parliament aft being fixed a six-month prohibition from nan House of Commons for offering to bargain cocaine for activity workers and obstructing inquiries by nan standards commissioner.

In a leaflet distributed to voters successful nan spot this week, he said: “Many group person urged maine to guidelines again. I person decided to do truthful and judge nan information of Leicester’s newest party, One Leicester, to beryllium their campaigner for 1 much term.

“Although I person ever held Labour values, I committedness to put Leicester first and statement authorities second.”

Vaz will beryllium taking connected candidates from nan main parties, arsenic good arsenic his successor, Claudia Webbe, who is opinionated arsenic an independent campaigner aft being expelled from Labour complete a condemnation for harassment successful 2021.

Vaz was nan MP for Leicester East for 32 years, from 1987-2019, earlier he announced he would not beryllium seeking re-election successful 2019.

He was fixed a six-month prohibition from parliament aft an enquiry successful to claims published successful nan Sunday Mirror successful 2016 that he offered to bargain cocaine for antheral activity workers while posing arsenic an business washing instrumentality salesman.

The standards committee found he “caused important harm to nan estimation and integrity of nan House of Commons”.

Separately, successful 2021, Vaz was reprimanded aft being recovered to person engaged successful “sustained and unpleasant bullying” towards a parliamentary personnel of staff.

Vaz told nan Guardian past year that he would not guidelines arsenic an MP again, saying: “That vessel has sailed.”

He is opinionated for nan One Leicester party, launched past twelvemonth by nan erstwhile Leicester Labour councillor and adjunct mayor, Rita Patel, who was suspended from nan statement aft voting to scrap nan mayoral role.

Vaz has vowed to donate his full MP net to kindness and create a “seven days a week MP office”.

“It was nan top privilege of my life to service arsenic MP for Leicester East for complete 3 decades. I perfectly emotion Leicester,” he said. “Today, I americium shocked pinch what I see. Despite truthful galore opportunities, Leicester is unrecognisable, and connected nan separator of bankruptcy.”

The seat, which has 1 of nan biggest southbound Asian populations successful nan country, was won by Labour successful 2019 (under somewhat different boundaries), but location was a 14% plaything towards nan Conservatives.

The Labour politician of Leicester, Peter Soulsby, previously said location were fears that having Vaz and Webbe tally successful nan spot “might divided nan ballot and fto nan Tories in”.

Vaz has been approached for comment.

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