Do look down: how daredevil artist Donn Delson shoots from the sky

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Streaks of reddish bunting zigzagging done Chinatown, tents for plot parties sounded successful Buckingham Palace and concealed tile gardens tucked into nan tops of metropolis skyscrapers. This is simply a broadside of London astir group ne'er spot – unless they are hanging retired of a helicopter.

Which is what nan 75-year-old daredevil creator Donn Delson does, each to bring a caller position connected acquainted places to group connected nan ground.

“Art is astir creating a communicative and evoking emotion, giving group an acquisition they mightiness not different person had. I want group to consciousness for illustration you’re successful a chopper pinch nary door,” he said.

“I effort to definitive a instruction I learned, that things aren’t ever what they look astatine first glance. It’s bully erstwhile you return a hit to look astatine thing and springiness a 2nd information arsenic to what it is and what it intends to you arsenic a person.”

Delson, based successful Los Angeles, takes his photos by flying astir for a mates of hours successful a doorless chopper until he identifies a target image. The aviator past turns nan chopper connected its side, enabling Delson to suspend himself and perspective his camera to seizure an image taken straight overhead that needs to beryllium “tack sharp”, contempt buffeting winds. He past blows these up into ample canvases that measurement astir 2.5 metres by 3.5 metres.

An aerial changeable of nan British Museum’s dome
The Crown Jewel: taking nan British Museum arsenic its subject. Photograph: Donn Delson

London is 1 of his favourite cities to photograph acknowledgment to its different municipality topography – a operation of aged and caller architecture that has germinated up successful erratic, integrated combination, and astonishing bursts of colour successful its plethora of parks.

When nan Guardian joined Delson to get an penetration into his work, flying astir nan metropolis astatine astir nan tallness of nan Shard (310 metres), London became a different, breathtaking place. Neighbourhoods that consciousness chopped connected nan crushed merged into a chaotic mishmash of skyscrapers of varying heights, contrasting pinch orderly rows of Victorian terraces, punctuated by building blocks and interspersed pinch nan parks’ agleam shocks of greenish and nan blue-grey Thames snaking through.

“From above, buildings return connected a full different look – each of a abrupt there’s lines, there’s patterns. In this metropolis there’s moreover colour – group jokingly show maine London has nary colour – London is highly colourful from nan air,” Delson said.

An aerial changeable of Piccadilly Circus and surrounding streets
Circus Nights: Piccadilly Circus from above. Photograph: Donn Delson

Rather than documentary photography, he is looking to seizure nan unexpected that tin beryllium glimpsed only from this different vantage point. Familiar forms connected nan crushed go absurd images erstwhile seen from nan air, often resembling nan explorations of colour and shape contained successful activity by Piet Mondrian, Paul Klee, Mark Rothko and Bauhaus artists.

Delson has travelled astir nan world successful pursuit of nan perfect, “serendipitous” shot. Among his favourites are nan “breathtakingly beautiful” Missoni-esque godforsaken striations adjacent to nan teal Dead Sea, a changeable of Mount Fuji perfectly framed by fluffy achromatic clouds, and a uncommon capturing of a rainbow successful a 360° circle successful Molokai, Hawaii.

He is besides willing successful optical illusions, which are nan taxable of a forthcoming accumulation connected shipping instrumentality creation successful Phoenix, Arizona, inspired by an earlier portion picturing rows of coloured shipping containers resembling keys, which he named Xylophone.

An aerial changeable of an land successful greenish sea
On nan Green: ‘I’m benignant of obsessed pinch nan conception of cognition and quality versus reality.’ Photograph: Donn Delson

Delson has besides photographed rows of Japanese cherry blossoms for an image named Abacus, taken a changeable of perfectly symmetrical parasols connected a formation titled Space Invaders successful homage to nan arcade game’s aesthetic, and parked vans successful nan style of a vino bottle, ironically titled Bottleneck.

“I’m benignant of obsessed pinch nan conception of cognition and quality versus reality, and a batch of my art, successful my points of position collection, what I look for is simply a trompe l’oeil.

“I’m taking a photograph that is lifelike and I’m turning it connected its broadside a small spot and making it thing that tricks nan oculus and has a whimsical sanction to it. All of a abrupt it’s thing different than what you deliberation it is.”

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