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Sam Wollaston’s article connected those surviving pinch agelong Covid brought maine to tears (‘I could bench-press 100kg. Now, I can’t walk’: Lucy’s life pinch agelong Covid, 5 June). It’s nan first clip successful 4 years of reference each portion I tin find connected agelong Covid that I’ve been capable to spot my partner successful an article. I’ve returned to Wollaston’s explanation of an “amalgam patient” – which he collated from hundreds of responses to nan Guardian’s call-out asking for agelong Covid stories – again and again since I first publication nan article and each clip it brings maine backmost to tears.

My partner has been severely sick pinch agelong Covid since May 2020; nan loneliness and misery of surviving pinch a information for which location is still nary treatment, and small support has been, and is, nan astir isolating acquisition of our lives. We are grateful for this article, arsenic we struggle to support a fading dream that nan desperately needed support and curen for agelong Covid patients is connected its way.
Rose Brown

Sam Wollaston’s first article successful his Life pinch agelong Covid bid brought maine to tears. Being 2 years into agelong Covid I recognised truthful galore of nan experiences described but what moved maine was Sam’s brutally honorable evocation of nan standard of Lucy Keighley’s loss. My tears were for her, for maine and for nan millions of sufferers worldwide. I want to convey Sam, Lucy and each of nan different 950 contributors who informed this article. Together they person articulated nan devastation that this chronic information causes.
Phil Turner
Stroud, Gloucestershire

I conscionable had to constitute and convey you for nan article astir agelong Covid. I americium 3 years successful to it, and subordinate to each word. It is specified a alleviation to publication personification who believes it exists.
Linda Mills
Rochdale, Greater Manchester

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