EU elections 2024: Millions across Europe head to the polls in final day of voting – live

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Kate Connolly

Kate Connolly

In nan southwest German metropolis of Karlsruhe, 2 members of nan far-right AfD statement were reportedly attacked connected Saturday by a masked pack base shot bats successful beforehand of a cafe. Three group suffered “light injuries” according to authorities, who said connected Sunday that 5 group had been arrested pursuing nan attack.

In Germany, alongside nan European parliamentary elections, 100,000 section and territory elections are besides taking spot successful respective states.

The Karlsruhe onslaught is nan latest successful a drawstring of incidents involving unit against German politicians successful nan lead up to nan European elections.

In nan metropolis of Dresden connected Saturday, an MP from nan AfD successful nan authorities parliament was attacked by a man, while successful nan authorities of Schleswig Holstein astatine an predetermination rally held by nan Social Democrats, a firework thrown from nan sidelines narrowly missed nan MP Bengt Berndt. A leader for nan far-left Die Linke was besides attacked successful a supermarket successful nan authorities of Thuringia and verbally abused.

There person been calls for much protection for politicians and tougher sentences for those who onslaught them, pursuing these and galore different incidents including nan stabbing of AfD statement campaigner Heinrich Koch successful nan south-west metropolis of Mannheim. The stabbing took spot little than a week aft a 29 twelvemonth aged policeman was stabbed to decease by a 25 twelvemonth aged Afghan man who appears to person aimed his onslaught astatine an anti-Islam group called Pax Europa. The policeman died erstwhile he intervened to extremity nan attacker.

Last period nan German interior minister, Nancy Faeser, vowed to conflict a surge successful unit against politicians following an attack connected Matthias Ecke, a personnel of nan European parliament for nan SPD, who was hospitalised aft being attacked while he was campaigning.

Earlier a 28 twelvemonth aged putting up posters for nan Greens was besides injured successful an attack. Former Berlin politician Franziska Giffey, was attacked successful May astatine an arena astatine a Berlin room by a man who approached her from down and deed her pinch a container containing an unidentified difficult object.

My workfellow Lisa O’Carroll is successful Brussels, wherever immoderate person gone each retired for nan country’s triple elections:

Spain’s premier minister, Pedro Sánchez, has sought to accent nan value of these elections, coating a stark image of what he believes is astatine stake.

He told reporters:

It’s our ballot that decides if nan early we’re building successful Europe and, result besides successful Spain, is simply a early of advancement aliases a early of regression.

It decides if we want a Europe that continues to persist successful agreed consequence to nan challenges and crises that dishonesty ahead, aliases if we opt for a reactionary Europe; 1 of cutbacks, of regression, of reaction.

That’s why I judge it is important – pinch our ballot we determine whether we want a Europe that moves guardant aliases a Europe that moves backwards.”

Lo que se determine hoy para el futuro de España y de Europa es de una enorme importancia.

Animo a la participación, porque es el voto el que determine si queremos una Europa de avances o una Europa de retroceso.

Hoy, con nuestro voto, decidimos.

— Pedro Sánchez (@sanchezcastejon) June 9, 2024

Up to 450 cardinal citizens crossed nan EU are being called to spell to nan polls successful these elections – a fig that successful immoderate countries includes 16-year-olds.

This clip astir location has been an description successful younker voting, pinch Belgium and Germany joining Austria and Malta successful giving 16-year-olds nan vote.

The Polish premier minister, Donald Tusk, appears to beryllium nudging group to spell and vote, penning connected X: “Bad politicians are elected by bully citizens who enactment home.”

Złych polityków wybierają dobrzy obywatele, którzy zostają w domach.

— Donald Tusk (@donaldtusk) June 9, 2024

Lili Bayer

Lili Bayer

At 6:30am, nan halls of a schoolhouse successful cardinal Budapest were quiet.

Seven group sat astatine a agelong array arsenic I walked into nan room designated for my voting district.

After they checked my sanction successful a booklet pinch a database of eligible voters, I signed and sewage 5 pieces of paper: 1 ballot insubstantial for nan European parliament predetermination and 4 for section elections, including nan politician of Budapest.

In nan European race, each eyes are connected Tisza, a caller statement led by erstwhile authorities insider Péter Magyar.

Magyar has positioned himself arsenic a centrist and is aiming to situation nan ruling Fidesz party’s ascendant position successful Hungarian politics. “We are building a state wherever location is nary right, nary near – only Hungarian,” he declared astatine a rally successful nan superior yesterday.

Fidesz, led by Hungary’s populist premier minister, Viktor Orbán, enjoys nan support of 50% of decided voters, according to a study published Friday by pollster Medián. Magyar’s Tisza party, meanwhile, stood astatine 27%.

The premier minister, who is nan EU’s astir Kremlin-friendly leader, has focused his predetermination run connected what he has described arsenic a “peace” platform.

The ruling statement has tally an aggravated run claiming – without providing impervious – that location is simply a world conspiracy to unit Hungary into a nonstop warfare pinch Russia and that Hungary’s guidance is being directed by nan west.

On nan ballot insubstantial for politician of Budapest, 1 sanction was crossed out: Alexandra Szentkirályi, nan campaigner for nan ruling Fidesz party, who pulled retired of nan title connected Friday and endorsed different candidate, Dávid Vitézy.

Vitézy is challenging Gergely Karácsony, nan incumbent, who is supported by aggregate guidance parties.

Hungary’s premier minister, Viktor Orbán, featured connected an advertisement for a pro-government mag successful Budapest, 9 June
Hungary’s premier minister, Viktor Orbán, featured connected an advertisement for a pro-government mag successful Budapest, 9 June Photograph: Lili Bayer/The Guardian
Posters for section elections successful Budapest, 9 June
Posters for section elections successful Budapest, 9 June Photograph: Lili Bayer/The Guardian

Along pinch European parliament elections, Belgium is besides holding a wide predetermination and location ballots today.

But it is nan nationalist ballot – which is expected to spot a surge successful support for a far-right statement that wants to break up nan state – that is dominating sermon successful Belgium.

Polls propose that nan correct will emergence successful Flanders and nan near successful chiefly French-speaking Wallonia, suggesting a perchance fiendishly analyzable conjugation speech successful nan weeks and months to come.

My workfellow Lisa O’Carroll has this dispatch from Brussels:

In nan first European predetermination since Britain near nan EU, voters are being asked to elite 720 lawmakers to nan world’s only straight elected transnational parliament.

This year’s ballot is being intimately watched arsenic sentiment polls forecast significant gains for far-right and anti-establishment parties, which would person far-reaching consequences for nan EU’s argumentation agenda.

My workfellow Jennifer Rankin successful Brussels has put together this primer connected nan elections:

Millions crossed Europe expected to ballot successful last time of European parliament elections

Good morning. It’s ace Sunday – coming 21 countries successful Europe spell to nan polls, including Italy which runs its ballot complete 2 days.

Among nan 21 countries voting coming are nan EU’s different large 3 economies: Spain, Germany and France.

We’ll beryllium pursuing nan action each time and precocious into nan night, pinch a reasonably definitive image of nan parliament expected to look astir 1am connected Monday CET (midnight BST). Predicted results are expected to look earlier successful nan evening.

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