European elections: Dutch exit polls show progressive alliance just ahead of far right

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Left and Green parties successful nan Netherlands person said nan acold correct tin beryllium beaten, aft exit polls showed a progressive confederation narrowly up of their nationalist rivals connected nan first time of European elections.

Dutch voters were nan first called to nan polls successful nan four-day antiauthoritarian workout wherever citizens successful 27 EU personnel states are electing 720 representatives to nan world’s only straight elected transnational parliament.

Polls propose difficult correct and far-right parties are connected people for their best-ever results, though their representatives are apt to stay dispersed betwixt astatine slightest 2 groups and non-aligned MEPs, blunting their powerfulness and influence.

An exit canvass from nan Dutch nationalist broadcaster NOS connected Thursday showed that nan Green-Left confederation was connected people to triumph 8 seats, conscionable up of Geert Wilders’ far-right Freedom statement (PVV) connected 7 seats. The separator of error, however, was 1 seat, suggesting a tie.

Both sides declared victory. Bas Eickhout, nan seasoned Green MEP, who is his group’s associated lead candidate, said: “The communicative of nan emergence of nan acold correct has been beaten. This is simply a connection for nan remainder of Europe: spell retired and vote!”

Wilders said he was “so proud” of his party’s results successful nan past year, citing its first spot successful nationalist elections which has propelled it into a governing conjugation for nan first-time, and its best-ever consequence successful nan European vote.

In nan past European elections, successful 2019, nan PVV won only 1 seat.

Voters successful Ireland and nan Czech Republic were voting connected Friday, pinch polls owed to unfastened successful Latvia, Malta, Slovakia and Italy connected Saturday. Voting successful Italy continues connected Sunday.

The mostly of EU citizens, including successful nan biggest personnel states France, Germany, Spain and Poland, will ballot connected Sunday, pinch a reasonably definitive estimate of results expected successful nan early hours of Monday.

Ursula von der Leyen, nan European Commission president who is running for a 2nd term, was campaigning successful Austria for her centre-right European People’s statement connected Friday. Von der Leyen, who has pledged much European practice connected defence and a caller “structure” to combat overseas interference successful EU authorities if she wins a 2nd term, has urged group to ballot for “a beardown Europe … that tin take sides itself”.

While von der Leyen remains nan clear frontrunner, her chances of failing to triumph nan support of nan adjacent European parliament are a superior possibility.

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One elder EU diplomat has predicted that von der Leyen has an 80%-85% chance of being reappointed by EU leaders and a 60%-65% chance of getting a mostly successful nan parliament. She needs to triumph astatine slightest 361 votes, a elemental mostly of nan 720 MEPs who will return their seats successful July.

The European parliament will besides play a decisive domiciled successful nan implementation of nan Green Deal, Europe’s consequence to nan ambiance crisis.

Turnout will beryllium intimately watched connected Sunday: elector information jumped to a 25-year precocious of 50.7% successful 2019.

Catherine De Vries, a professor of governmental subject astatine Bocconi University, predicted a “consolidation of a somewhat higher turnout … because location is much astatine liking erstwhile it comes to European issues”.

She said group could beryllium motivated to ballot by “irritation” pinch EU decisions, arsenic overmuch arsenic support for nan European project. A higher turnout is “not needfully affirmative aliases negative; it conscionable intends that group are much alert of nan benignant of things that are going connected astatine nan EU level,” she said.

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