Evil penguin Feathers McGraw to return in new Wallace and Gromit film

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The evil penguin Feathers McGraw, who terrorised audiences successful nan 1993 Bafta and Oscar-winning short The Wrong Trousers, will return to play a cardinal domiciled successful nan Wallace and Gromit movie series.

A teaser released connected Thursday for nan BBC’s Vengeance Most Fowl shows nan villain’s food keychain and keys, comb, portion measurement and mitt being put successful a situation tray earlier he enters a compartment while a defender looks and cracks his neck.

McGraw lived pinch nan inventor and his trusty beagle erstwhile he rented a room successful nan original film, earning Wallace’s affections but causing Gromit to beryllium made homeless. Disguising himself arsenic a chickenhearted pinch a reddish mitt connected his head, he utilized Wallace to effort to bargain a priceless gem but was caught and unmasked by Gromit, earlier being arrested and incarcerated successful a metropolis zoo.

The penguin will return to effort to summation revenge connected his aged enemies successful nan latest instalment.

Ben Whitehead, who has been successful different Wallace and Gromit projects, will again play nan eccentric, cheese-loving inventor from nan northbound of England aft taking complete from nan precocious Last of nan Summer Wine character Peter Sallis.

The comedian Peter Kay, who appeared successful The Curse of nan Were-Rabbit, returns arsenic PC Mackintosh who has been promoted to main inspector, while Inside No 9 prima Reece Shearsmith and Everybody’s Talking About Jamie character Lauren Patel subordinate nan cast.

Gromit putting a instrumentality successful nan backmost of a van arsenic Wallace watches on
Vengeance Most Fowl will characteristic ‘smart’ plot gnomes gone bad. Photograph: Aardman Animations/Richard Davies/PA

There will besides beryllium cameos from nan Motherland character and comedian Diane Morgan, nan Bridgerton prima Adjoa Andoh and nan comedian and character Lenny Henry. It had been antecedently revealed that nan movie will characteristic nan protagonist processing a “smart gnome” that appears to person a mind of its own.

Nick Park, nan Wallace and Gromit creator and head of nan caller 70-minute film, said: “I’d had nan thought of a movie astir plot gnomes turning bad for much than a decade, but I could ne'er activity retired what made them bad.

“It occurred to maine that nan azygous astir asked mobility I get erstwhile I meet fans is, will nan penguin Feathers McGraw, Wallace and Gromit’s original antagonist from The Wrong Trousers 30 years ago, ever return?

“We’ve had nosy bringing him backmost successful cameo capacities but now, 3 decades on, it felt for illustration nan correct time. Then it deed me: What if Feathers was progressive pinch these gnomes? We’re hoping that this movie will entreaty to fans of Gnome Noir everyplace and that group will beryllium gratified erstwhile they spot what Feathers has been up to since The Wrong Trousers.”

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McGraw appeared concisely successful nan bid Cracking Contraptions successful a fictional TV show When Penguins Turn and successful nan crippled Wallace and Gromit successful Project Zoo.

Merlin Crossingham, imaginative head of Wallace and Gromit and head of Vengeance Most Fowl, said: “While we’d emotion to revive nan enthusiasm crossed our existing fanbase, we besides want this movie to scope group who person ne'er travel crossed Wallace and Gromit before.

“Hopefully, Vengeance Most Fowl is afloat of everything group emotion astir Wallace and Gromit while introducing caller themes to their ongoing story.”

The Wallace and Gromit films person won 3 Oscars: The Wrong Trousers won nan grant for Animated Short Film successful 1993; A Close Shave for Animated Short Film successful 1995; and The Curse of nan Were-Rabbit for Best Animated Feature successful 2006.

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