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I’m 17 and since August 2022 I have been surviving connected trains. I grew up successful a colony successful nan northbound of Germany. I enjoyed travelling to Scandinavia pinch my parents and going connected quality tours, and was besides willing successful machine programming. I taught myself really to programme during nan pandemic and decided that was what I wanted to do for my job.

After graduating from secondary schoolhouse successful summertime 2022, I was group to commencement an apprenticeship arsenic a package developer. Unfortunately, it was cancelled a fewer weeks earlier it was owed to begin. I needed a caller scheme at short notice.

I had seen a TV study a fewer weeks earlier astir personification who lived connected a train. I could not get nan thought retired of my head. I loved nan thought of having nan state to recreation anyplace successful Germany each day. A fewer days later, I bought my first BahnCard 100, which offers unlimited recreation connected Germany’s nationalist train web – nan inferior walk costs €2,664 (£2,290) backmost then. On 8 August, I group disconnected and boarded the first train.

My family were very sceptical astatine that point. They were worried I wouldn’t be able to get capable slumber astatine night, that I would beryllium unsocial and that it could beryllium dangerous. They were still sceptical for nan first fewer months, erstwhile hardly thing worked out. I would get tired and stressed from readying it all, and struggle to sleep, truthful I often returned location to my parents. But now I person it figured out, they’re really supportive. I have truthful galore caller experiences; life is highly varied and each time is different.

I person nan state to determine where I go each day, and tin sojourn my friends who unrecorded each complete Germany. They besides recreation connected nan trains a lot – while they don’t unrecorded connected them for illustration me, we often put to recreation together or to meet up. I actually have much more contact pinch friends than ever before, and besides have interesting conversations pinch different travellers connected nan train. I consciousness thing but lonely.

I’ve done this for much than a twelvemonth now. When my first BahnCard was going to expire, I upgraded my walk to first class, which costs €5,888 for personification under 27 for illustration me. This besides lets maine eat each nan nutrient I want successful nan Deutsche Bahn impermanent lounges astatine train stations – worldly for illustration croissants, muesli, wraps, focaccia, crockery aliases cake.

My emblematic time involves arriving into a metropolis betwixt 6am and 8am connected an overnight InterCity Express train. I’ll spell to nan railway company’s impermanent lounge and eat breakfast. I’ll past person a speedy lavation successful nan bathroom, aliases spell to nan section swimming excavation to shower.

Afterwards, I look astatine nan day’s train departures and take a destination. Even though I unrecorded connected trains, I walk a lot of clip exploring nan outdoors. During nan day, I mightiness spell hiking in the mountains, sojourn a city or go to nan formation connected the Baltic Sea. It depends connected nan weather. I love hiking successful nan Alps, particularly successful summer, and exploring caller cities. I particularly for illustration being successful Berlin. The city is afloat of assortment and there’s ever thing going on.

At immoderate point, I will prime my nighttime train and spell to nan station. Then I’ll eat meal successful nan Deutsche Bahn lounge and hold for nan train which swings maine crossed Germany while I sleep.

I’m a package developer astatine an IT startup and activity astir 10 hours a week. The awesome point astir my occupation is that I tin take my ain moving hours. It’s not a problem if I don’t work for a time aliases two. I use my clip travelling connected nan train to work, so the occupation fits rather good with my lifestyle.

Living connected nan train intends I person to do without immoderate things that I used to return for granted. I don’t person privacy. I person besides had to trim my possessions truthful that everything I ain fits into a 30-litre backpack. But nan advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

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All successful all, taking into relationship wide surviving expenses, my manner connected trains costs little than €10,000 a year. That sounds like a batch astatine first, but it’s very cheap compared pinch the costs of renting an apartment.

The original scheme was to do this for only a year, but I person enjoyed it truthful much, I’ve decided to support doing it. At the moment, there’s nary end in sight.

As told to Daniel Dylan Wray

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