Flood alerts at record level in Great Britain in first four months of 2024

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There was a grounds number of flood alerts and warnings successful Great Britain successful nan first 4 months of 2024, pinch up to 40 issued connected mean each day, according to an study of Environment Agency figures.

Round Our Way, a not-for-profit organisation supporting group successful nan UK affected by nan ambiance crisis, obtained information from nan agency nether nan Freedom of Information Act connected nan number of warnings and alerts issued crossed nan state since records began successful 2006.

In nan play from January to April this twelvemonth a grounds 4,858 warnings and alerts were issued crossed Great Britain, a jump of almost 500 connected nan erstwhile grounds of 4,373, for nan first 4 months of 2020.

The organisation said nan figures showed a semipermanent upward inclination successful position of nan number of information warnings for stream and oversea flooding issued by nan Environment Agency complete nan 4 months.

It said nan information did not see aboveground h2o flooding, erstwhile excessively overmuch rainwater overwhelms existing drainage systems aliases cannot soak into nan ground.

The study comes aft nan UK recorded 1 of its wettest winters connected grounds and nan wettest February connected grounds for England and Wales, which had wide impacts connected farmers, drainage systems, businesses and transport.

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Recent investigation from World Weather Attribution (WWA) recovered that human-caused ambiance alteration made nan UK’s autumn and wintertime large wind rainfall astir 20% heavier.

The Round Our Way study showed that England recorded nan highest number of alerts and warnings successful 19 years since existent records began successful 2006 pinch 3,986, surgery down into 2,561 alerts, 1,423 warnings and 2 terrible warnings.

In Scotland, 389 flood alerts and warnings were issued by nan Scottish Environment Protection Agency (Sepa) during nan first 4 months of 2024, supra nan mean 223 issued successful those months each twelvemonth since 2006.

In Wales, 483 flood alerts and warnings were issued by Natural Resources Wales (NRW) betwixt January and April, which is almost doubly nan mean of 254 for those months since 2006.

Roger Harding, nan head of Round Our Way, said: “These figures backmost up what galore of america are thinking. As ambiance alteration sets in, much floods are happening. Climate alteration and nan floods that travel pinch it are leaving families much and much exposed. Politicians request to put successful cleanable power truthful we tin trim fossil fuels and protect our families from this getting worse.”

Source theguardian