Free social care for all should be a Labour policy | Letter

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It has been reported that nan Labour statement is meeting this Friday to work together its manifesto. One of nan astir important challenges group look is nan costs of societal attraction for their loved ones. My husband, Iain Coleman, nan MP for Hammersmith and Fulham from 1997 to 2005, has had astir 20 strokes since 2004, and arsenic a consequence has early dementia.

In 1991, my hubby became nan leader of Hammersmith and Fulham council, and – together pinch our superb head of societal services, Dame Denise Platt and subsequently Geoff Alltimes, and successful peculiar nan driving unit of my precocious chap councillor and main whip Colin Aherne – we introduced a argumentation of free societal care.

The strategy was arguable and necessitated america closing residential attraction homes and reinvesting nan proceeds of nan waste of nan onshore into nan proviso of free societal attraction astatine home. When nan Tories took power of nan assembly successful 2008, they introduced a means-tested policy. But erstwhile Labour retook nan assembly successful 2018, it abolished nan means-testing authorities and went backmost to my husband’s free attraction policy.

It is ironic that my hubby is now 1 of nan awesome beneficiaries of that policy. He has free 24-hour societal care, and I judge each section authority successful nan federation could supply this for everyone who needs it.

I dream that Labour tin perpetrate to this objective. I will beryllium eternally grateful to nan London mayor, Sadiq Khan, for ensuring that my hubby received 24-hour free attraction from nan commencement of Covid, pursuing an affectional telephone that I had pinch him connected an LBC phone-in pinch him, contempt nan truth that he is simply a Liverpool instrumentality (Iain is an Arsenal supporter).
Sally Powell
Former personnel of Labour’s nationalist executive committee

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