Fresh air B&B: after yurts and huts, now treehouses are glampers’ favourites

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Simon Dickson thinks there’s thing for illustration seeing a nuthatch connected nan branch of a 100-year-old oak correct extracurricular your window. For Jason Thawley, nan champion position is nan dappled shadows of a character canopy complete your bed. And nan treehouse designers are uncovering that visitors work together pinch them.

Treehouses are accelerated becoming nan UK’s astir sought-after vacation destinations, arsenic travellers look for thing typical to thief them tune retired and immerse themselves successful nature.

Established hotels, glamping companies and letting agencies are adding treehouses to their portfolios. Britain’s first treehouse hotel, TreeDwellers, opened successful nan Cotswolds successful March, and nan first character shelter campsite opens successful West Sussex adjacent month.

Travel institution Canopy & Stars, which specialises successful luxury glamping (glamorous camping), recovered that blase cabins and treehouses now make 70% of its revenue, according to its 2024 marketplace report, and correspond much than half of its spot collection. Six of its 10 astir booked spaces successful 2023 were treehouses.

The Pennard Hide character shelter successful Somerset.
The Pennard Hide character shelter successful Somerset. Photograph: Tree Tents International

Liz Simpson, co-founder of Kip Hideaways, which specialises successful nature-focused, self-catering holidays, said: “When we did nan original investigation for Kip 5 years agone location were very fewer treehouses, and they tended to beryllium ace expensive, aliases booked up for months if not years successful advance, arsenic they were truthful unusual.

“But want – and request – of nature-based retreats exploded aft lockdown, and treehouses are nan eventual rewilding experience; you’re afloat immersed successful a character canopy.”

The increasing fame of treehouses is portion of holidaymakers’ ongoing emotion matter pinch glamping. The post-lockdown prohibition connected overseas recreation saw many holidaymakers effort camping or glamping for nan first time, pinch an summation successful request for holidays that link travellers to nature.

“A cardinal entreaty to holidaymakers comes from nan childlike whimsy of being among trees,” said Thawley, who is nan laminitis and creation head of Tree Tents, a institution that produces master structures that tin beryllium installed successful nan canopy.

“There is besides the affirmative effect that nature, and trees successful particular, has connected our intelligence wellness and wellbeing. The UK woodlands, afloat of life and colour, bring america bid and consistency successful an ever-changing world.”

In 2023, nan worth of nan UK glamping marketplace was estimated astatine much than £150m. It is expected to emergence by 10.7% betwixt 2024 and 2030.

There has been a displacement from nan yurts, teepees and safari tents of nan first activity of glamping to much imperishable accommodation, specified arsenic shepherds’ huts, heavy successful earthy environments. This is partially because sturdier structures tin beryllium fitted pinch amenities specified arsenic energy and plumbing, making them charismatic to moreover nan astir faint-hearted glamper.

With proposed laws astir short-term lets, which could return vacation homes disconnected nan market, treehouses and cabins could besides capable that gap.

In nan UK, treehouses often evoke a consciousness of nostalgia, pinch taste depictions specified arsenic JM Barrie’s Peter Pan and nan Lost Boys, who made their location successful nan forests of Neverland. Even Queen Victoria played successful nan treehouse astatine nan Pitchford estate successful Shropshire, which has nestled successful nan branches of a lime character successful nan grounds since nan 1600s.

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Interior of treehouse astatine Lanrick, Perthshire.
Treehouse astatine Lanrick, Perthshire. Photograph: David F Cooke/PR

Much of nan vacation accommodation plays to this consciousness of adventure. The Fish hotel successful nan Cotswolds offers treehouses connected nan Farncombe property which tin only beryllium accessed by a statement bridge. They person luxurious touches specified arsenic double baths connected nan extracurricular platform and room service.

“The Fish … sits connected a 500-acre property successful awesome countryside and nan treehouses make nan astir of our superb setting,” said Tom Aspey, nan executive wide manager.

Dickson owns 2 Scottish woodland properties – The Treehouses astatine Lanrick, Perthshire – and besides runs Mallett, nan master creation and build institution that created nan structures. He said building astir analyzable and delicate character guidelines systems is peculiarly difficult. “We commencement by selecting a circumstantial character and past creation nan location to necktie into nan space. Part of nan nosy is to person nan trees determine really nan creation needs to be: their size, style and location find everything. They are nan boss, ultimately.”

Mechanical technologist Thawley believes his Tree Tent – an orb that dangles from a character – offers thing unique. “It provides much ‘fluidity’. Instead of smothering nan trees, you are experiencing their majesty and movements.

“You are alert of what’s holding you, and mildly rocking you, which is an astonishing experience. Many campers opportunity they’ve had nan champion slumber of their lives.”

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