Frothy, fun and hard to resist: is Sabrina Carpenter’s Espresso the song of the summer?

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Have you heard nan Sabrina Carpenter opus Espresso? Even if you don’t cognize it by name, you will person done. It’s honeyed but arch (“That’s that me, espresso”). Frothy, hooky, pinch a lyrical sting (“My ‘give a fucks’ are connected vacation”). The coquettish hyper-real video has nan US vocalist draped complete speedboats and surfboards for illustration a Superdry Bardot (glossy subterfuge; mainstream pinch a wink).

Carpenter was nan opening enactment connected nan Australian limb of Taylor Swift’s Eras tour, but her Espresso knocked Swift’s Fortnight disconnected nan apical spot connected Global Spotify and it has been streamed much than 434m times.

Creeping into nan zeitgeist done nan backmost door, it’s perfectly poised to drawback nan sought-after trophy: nan Song of nan Summer.

While location are different contenders (Benson Boone’s Beautiful Things; Tommy Richman’s Million Dollar Baby; Kendrick Lamar’s Not Like Us; Eminem’s Houdini – which knocked Carpenter disconnected nan UK No 1 slot this weekend), behemoths specified arsenic Swift, Beyoncé, and Billie Eilish look (hmm, interesting) a small shoved to nan side. A lawsuit of: sorry, my queens, you don’t ever get to stroll successful and return what you want.

What is nan Song of nan Summer (SOTS)? Short answer: galore things. It’s an all-engulfing seasonal mega-hit that defines nan taste infinitesimal and transcends categorisation and marketplace demographics. It’s an irresistible earworm pinch soil dusted betwixt its toes and upwind ruffling its hair. It’s unstoppably ubiquitous, swirling each astir you, for illustration an odourless taste gas.

Time was, it chiefly manifested via power play aliases a movie soundtrack aliases nan dancefloor of a vacation destination but these days it’s each astir platforms for illustration TikTok (which embraced Kylie Minogue’s Padam Padam last year). Such songs thin to beryllium breezy, upbeat, flirtatious. They often evoke optimism, freedom, beaches, ­festivals, nan agelong schoolhouse and college holidays. They are often aimed astatine nan young – nan arena of nan Song of nan Summer roseate pinch nan invention of nan teenager. Increased leisure clip and nan emergence of cinema and recreation played their portion too.

Most would work together that nan Beach Boys were nan large bang infinitesimal for nan quintessential summertime sound (Good Vibrations; I Get Around), but nan chopped SOTS sphere is an eclectic miscellany of genres, styles and moods. In nan past, it’s included everything from nan Supremes (Where Did Our Love Go?, 1964) to Alice Cooper (School’s Out, 1972) to nan Knack (My Sharona, 1979).

Kylie Minogue successful a spectacular reddish dress pinch its ample translucent train billowing retired down her
Kylie Minogue’s Padam Padam was embraced by TikTok. Photograph: YouTube

Some songs evoke travel: Duran Duran posturing connected yachts for Rio; nan sample of a level connected Groovejet (If This Ain’t Love) by Spiller and Sophie Ellis-Bextor, which was rumoured to beryllium from nan terrace astatine Space, nan nine adjacent Ibiza’s airport. Film songs that ruled nan summertime see Take My Breath Away from Top Gun’s 1986 soundtrack, 1991’s (Everything I Do) I Do It For You by Bryan Adams, and nan full Grease soundtrack successful 1978.

In a sphere that’s routinely ­colourblind, not conscionable disco but Latin thumps person proved recurringly ­modish (1987’s Bamboléo by nan Gipsy Kings; Ricky Martin’s Livin’ La Vida Loca successful 1999; 1996’s eternal wedding banger Macarena by Los del Rio). Some artists edifice to repurposing aged grooves (see J-Lo’s sample of Kaoma’s Lambada successful her worldwide deed pinch Pitbull, On nan Floor, from 2011).

Then location are nan outliers and curios that bounce retired of left-field. The grunge-adjacent slacker manifesto of Beck’s Loser successful 1993. Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill, which engulfed summer 2022 aft being utilized connected Netflix’s Stranger Things. The superb full-on filth of WAP from Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion successful 2020. Take a bow, Deee-Lite’s 1990 Groove Is successful nan Heart.

The connection is clear: nan all-engulfing summertime popular genre has nary bouncer connected nan door: anyone and thing tin get in, and they often do. Nor does it person a consciousness of ­hierarchy: a random opus will cheerfully push speech nan large hitters. Yet still immoderate disregard nan Song of nan Summer arsenic a frivolity. Too poppy, excessively light, excessively corporate, possibly not rather arsenic naff arsenic a Christmas song, but not for superior euphony aficionados.

In truth, this a wilful genre that refuses to comply. For songs whose existent occupation it is to evoke nan summertime temper (in effect a straw chapeau you tin creation to), amazingly fewer person summertime successful nan title aliases arsenic their theme.

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Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta, some dressed successful black, airs for a image successful character
Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta successful Grease, whose soundtrack defined nan summertime of 1978. Photograph: Moviestore/Rex Shutterstock

Some summers, location are truthful galore awesome songs it’s difficult to choose. The timing is elastic: you could beryllium eating your Easter eggs successful outpouring and it could land. For me, listening to Soul II Soul’s Keep connected Movin’ sparks aureate Proustian flashbacks to lolling connected sun-baked commons … but it was birthed successful March.

Looking down nan euphony manufacture curtain, nan Song of nan Summer is simply a highest business infinitesimal successful nan calendar. The manufacture gears itself up for it. Artists scheme releases astir it. There will beryllium manufacture money driving liking connected nan likes of TikTok. Everybody wants to person The Song (and nan vulnerability and large bucks that travel pinch it). There person been attempts to activity out nan SOTS formula, to break nan secrets of nan code, successful position of melody, tempo, energy, danceability, and thing called “acousticness”.

All of which sounds amusing. (The algebra of nan dancefloor banger? The physics of nan sun-soaked bop?) However, specified attempts are besides telling, revealing an excruciating truth astir nan euphony business: that it’s frightened of you – nan music-consuming public. It doesn’t cognize who you are and what you want from 1 twelvemonth to nan next. It wants to group nan gait and tone, but sometimes it conscionable has to pursuit aft you and your bad boy fluctuating tastes and whims for illustration a bewildered lover. If you find it difficult to foretell nan Song of nan Summer, past (whisper it) truthful does nan euphony industry.

Perhaps this bad boy value (unknowability, eccentricity) makes nan SOTS much interesting, not slightest successful nan unthinkable powerfulness it harnesses. Not only by bypassing evident super-brand shoo-ins (your Taylors and Billies), but besides by anointing little evident artists, and readjusting euphony manufacture settings for nan foreseeable.

Let’s not get up of ourselves: nan Song of nan Summer is arsenic commercialized arsenic thing else. Still, it remains curiously resistant to being wholly sewn up. Cynical identikit tracks don’t thin to crawl into nan zeitgeist and go our songs of nan summer. Misfits, outsiders and newbies person a chance. Rihanna had her first immense deed pinch Umbrella successful nan summertime of 2007. Katy Perry’s breakthrough opus was I Kissed a Girl successful 2008.

So arsenic overmuch arsenic nan SOTS encapsulates nan euphony manufacture ethos (the mega-selling cosmopolitan hit), it besides successful a measurement defies it. It has to, successful bid to do its job: seizure nan temper of nan federation (or nations); drawback that lightning successful a bottle. It tin beryllium seen successful nan sheer randomness of what hits. How, contempt each nan effort, nan codification remains uncrackable. Something (a hook, a mood, an energy, an invigorating sup of Espresso) snags and fixes, and that’s that.

In this way, nan Song of nan Summer is besides nan sound of pop-cultural populist successful action. Whichever artists and merchandise nan manufacture breadheads want to push, immoderate they want to beryllium nan opus of nan summer, yet it doesn’t matter. The group ever decide.

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