Group of 17 London secondary schools join up to go smartphone-free

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A group of schools successful London person announced they will spell smartphone-free, successful a motion of nan increasing nationalist interest complete phone-based childhoods.

Headteachers astatine 17 of nan 20 authorities secondary schools successful Southwark, southbound London, person taken nan corporate action to displacement their pupils distant from smartphones, successful nan dream of besides addressing nan downsides of their usage extracurricular nan schoolhouse gates.

The different 3 authorities schools successful nan borough are moving towards introducing nan policy.

The schools will besides thief families and pupils to understand nan well-documented downsides of smartphones and societal media usage among young people. These see mental wellness concerns, surface clip addiction, nan effect connected slumber and attraction spans, entree to inappropriate and schematic contented and accrued consequence of thefts and muggings.

“We were prompted to collaborate aft seeing first-hand nan antagonistic effect of smartphones and societal media connected our children’s wellbeing and education,” said Mike Baxter, headteacher of nan City of London academy.

“While nan issues that we had to reside typically occurred extracurricular of schoolhouse hours, it was often successful schoolhouse that these antagonistic behaviours were exposed,” he added.

The schools person agreed that if immoderate telephone is utilized by a pupil during nan schoolhouse day, it will beryllium confiscated. If nan telephone is simply a accepted mobile telephone – without entree to wifi – it will beryllium returned comparatively quickly. If nan telephone is simply a smartphone, however, it will not beryllium returned for up to a week – aliases until parents cod it themselves.

The measures will effect much than 13,000 young group successful 1 of nan highest performing boroughs successful London. All secondary schools will enforce nan argumentation for children from years 7 to 9. A number of schools successful nan group, however, are adopting a “whole-school” approach.

The group of secondary headteachers are besides successful interaction pinch nan leaders of superior headteachers successful nan borough, successful nan dream of establishing a borough-wide approach.

“Creating this affirmative alteration for nan wellbeing and occurrence of young group successful Southwark is astatine nan centre of this corporate drive,” said Baxter. “Children are getting smartphones arsenic young arsenic four. We could make a monolithic quality if each genitor successful this borough knows what each schoolhouse says astir smartphones.”

Jessica West, headteacher of Ark Walworth academy, said nan schools had to return action aft telephone companies grounded to do so. “Many requests for stronger measures person been made of ‘big tech’ companies but action is woefully slow and that leaves our children astatine risk,” she said. “We are truthful acting successful collaboration to support families and children successful making patient choices – we return our responsibilities to children seriously.”

A caller House of Commons acquisition committee study recovered that extended surface clip had go progressively normal for young children and teenagers, pinch a 52% summation successful children’s surface clip betwixt 2020 and 2022.

According to nan report, astir 25% of children and young group usage their smartphones successful a measurement that is accordant pinch a behavioural addiction.

The collaboration was greeted pinch delight by Daisy Greenwell, co-founder of Smartphone Free Childhood (SFC).

“This move from nan headteachers successful southbound London is fantastically powerful and pioneering – ne'er person secondary schools clubbed together to return corporate action connected this rumor before,” she said. “We cognize that nan younger a kid gets their first smartphone, nan higher their incidence of intelligence unwellness later on, truthful this has nan imaginable to alteration nan lives of a procreation of children successful southbound London.

“School leaders person nan expertise to effect alteration successful their schools instantly and to style societal norms successful their communities,” she added.

The interest astir smartphones and children has rocketed. There are now SFC groups successful nan US, UAE, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland and Portugal.

In nan UK, location has been an summation successful parents joining together to make “pacts” not to springiness their children smartphones until 14 years astatine least. In Bristol, 80 schools person started SFC groups and much than 1,000 parents taken pacts.

“We are truthful excited astir really this is snowballing organically amongst schools, headteachers and parents, it was intelligibly a speech that was waiting to happen,” said Greenwell.

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