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As a Bram Stoker biographer, I applaud nan inaugural of nan University of Derby successful undertaking nan Dracula Returns to Derby task to raise consciousness that nan roots of nan modern mass-media vampire arena dishonesty successful that metropolis (Fangs for nan memories: really Dracula was made successful Derby, 3 June).

Bram Stoker whitethorn person written nan caller successful 1897, but it was nan adjustment by nan Irish actor, head and playwright Hamilton Deane, first performed astatine nan Grand theatre successful Derby connected 15 May 1924, that began a process that would toggle shape nan original gothic novel done nan mean of shape and, later, movie and television. Deane would person to hold 3 years for his adjustment to beryllium performed successful London, nan launchpad for its eventual world success.
Paul Murray
From nan Shadow of Dracula: A Life of Bram Stoker (2004)

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