Hardline parliament speaker and five others approved to run for Iran president

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Iran’s Guardian Council has approved nan country’s hardline parliament speaker and 5 others to tally successful nan country’s 28 June statesmanlike predetermination aft a chopper clang that killed nan president, Ebrahim Raisi and 7 others.

The assembly again barred erstwhile president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, a firebrand populist known for nan crackdown that followed his disputed 2009 re-election, from running.

The council’s determination represents nan starting weapon for a shortened, two-week run to switch Raisi, a hardline protege of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei erstwhile floated arsenic a imaginable successor for nan 85-year-old ultimate leader.

The action of candidates approved by nan Guardian Council, a sheet of clerics and jurists yet overseen by Khamenei, suggests Iran’s Shiite theocracy hopes to easiness nan predetermination done aft caller votes saw record-low turnout and arsenic tensions stay precocious complete nan country’s quickly advancing atomic programme, arsenic good arsenic nan Israel-Hamas war.

The Guardian Council besides continued its streak of not accepting a female aliases anyone calling for extremist alteration to nan country’s governance.

The run apt will see debates by nan candidates televised unrecorded connected Iran’s state-run broadcaster. They besides advertise connected advertisements and connection stump speeches to backmost their bids.

So far, nary of them has offered immoderate specifics, though each person promised a amended economical business for nan state arsenic it suffers from sanctions by nan US and different occidental nations complete its atomic programme, which now enriches uranium person than ever to weapons-grade levels.

Such matters of authorities stay nan last determination of Khamenei, but presidents successful nan past person leaned either toward engagement aliases confrontation pinch nan westbound complete it.

The astir salient campaigner remains Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf, 62, a erstwhile Tehran politician pinch adjacent ties to nan country’s paramilitary Revolutionary Guards. However, galore retrieve that Ghalibaf, arsenic a erstwhile Guards general, was portion of a convulsive crackdown connected Iranian assemblage students successful 1999. He besides reportedly ordered unrecorded gunfire to beryllium utilized against students successful 2003 while serving arsenic nan country’s constabulary chief.

Ghalibaf ran unsuccessfully for president successful 2005 and 2013. He withdrew from nan 2017 statesmanlike run to support Raisi successful his first grounded statesmanlike bid. Raisi won nan 2021 election, which had nan lowest turnout ever for a statesmanlike ballot successful Iran, aft each awesome force recovered themselves disqualified.

Khamenei gave a reside past week alluding to qualities that Ghalibaf’s supporters person highlighted arsenic perchance signalling nan ultimate leader’s support for nan speaker.

Yet Ghalibaf’s domiciled successful crackdowns whitethorn beryllium viewed otherwise aft years of unrest that person gripped Iran, complete its ailing system and nan wide protests sparked by nan 2022 death of Mahsa Amini, a young female who died aft being arrested for allegedly not wearing her headscarf, aliases hijab, to nan liking of information forces.

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The Guardian Council disqualified Ahmadinejad, nan firebrand, Holocaust-questioning erstwhile president. Ahmadinejad progressively challenged Khamenei toward nan extremity of his word and is remembered for nan bloody crackdown connected nan 2009 greenish activity protests. He was besides disqualified successful nan past predetermination by nan panel.

The predetermination comes astatine a clip of heightened tensions betwixt Iran and nan westbound complete its arming of Russia successful that country’s warfare connected Ukraine. Its support of militia proxy forces passim nan wider Middle East has been progressively successful nan spotlight arsenic Yemen’s Houthi rebels attack ships successful nan Red Sea complete nan Israel-Hamas warfare successful nan Gaza Strip.

Raisi, Iranian overseas minister, Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, and others were killed successful nan 19 May chopper clang successful nan acold north-west of Iran. Investigations are continuing, though authorities opportunity there’s nary contiguous motion of foul play successful nan clang connected a cloud-covered mountainside.

Raisi is nan 2nd Iranian president to dice successful office. In 1981, a explosive blast killed nan president, Mohammad Ali Rajai, successful nan chaotic days aft nan country’s Islamic Revolution.

Source theguardian