Has Venom: The Last Dance’s trailer drawn Spider-Man: No Way Home’s sting?

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What a pity Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock didn’t past very agelong successful nan Marvel Cinematic Universe. One meagre end-credits segment astatine nan tail extremity of Spider-Man: No Way Home, and Brock and his disgusting symbiotic buddy were wrenched backmost to Sony’s somewhat pitiful Spider-Man Universe. In nan expansive strategy of things, this is simply a spot for illustration joining nan orchestra performing a symphony astatine Carnegie Hall only to observe yourself abruptly strumming a surgery guitar successful nan bogs astatine HMP Pentonville.

Even much strangely, location are weird echoes of Brock’s little quality successful nan MCU successful nan debut trailer for Hardy’s last quality arsenic nan alien-assisted antihero successful Venom: The Last Dance, which deed nan interweb this week. Remember how we past saw Eddie getting drunk successful a bar, while nan multiversal events of No Way Home each happened location a long, agelong measurement away? And then, conscionable arsenic he was dragged backmost to his ain reality by immoderate primal chartless force, we noticed that a mini portion of nan alien symbiote was near behind.

Now assuming (and this whitethorn beryllium a large assumption) that location is immoderate benignant of continuity betwixt nan events of 2007’s Spider-Man 3 and nan Venom movies, 1 mini spot of extraterrestrial goo is rather tin of causing awesome issues successful immoderate universe. The problem pinch nan trailer, arsenic galore fans person been pointing out, is that it seems to transportation an almost identical scene, successful an almost identical barroom – Ted Lasso’s Cristo Fernández is moreover nan bartender successful some scenes – to nan Sony ’verse, isolated from this clip around, a subject man played by Chiwetel Ejiofor is on for nan ride.

The rumor pinch casting Ejiofor is that he besides portrays Doctor Strange’s workfellow turned nemesis Baron Mordo successful nan MCU. Is this nan Sony type of Mordo, aliases a wholly different character? This is unclear, which is adjacent capable fixed that it’s conscionable a trailer, yet a batch of group are still getting very confused connected societal media.

Should they be? This is hardly nan first clip that nan Sony and Marvel comic book universes person danced and dovetailed successful different ways. The type of J Jonah Jameson successful nan “Home” trilogy is not nan aforesaid arsenic nan 1 we saw successful Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy, yet cipher ever complained this wonderfully curmudgeonly media man was being trampolined successful from a parallel reality. That feline successful nan backmost of nan autobus successful nan trailer who looks for illustration Rhys Ifans’ Curt Connors mightiness beryllium conscionable different happy philharmonic hippy hanging retired pinch nan Electric Kool-Aid crew.

The useful point astir nan multiverse is that it’s perfectly acceptable to prime and take really different realities subordinate to each different – successful 1 universe, you mightiness beryllium Brad Pitt: successful different conscionable a stone pinch eyes. So location is nary logic to deliberation that nan caller trailer’s barroom segment intends that location is nary longer a spot of Venom moving astir successful nan main MCU. There could yet beryllium dream for a symbiote storyline successful Spider-Man 4, moreover if everyone seems to deliberation that anticipation has now been torpedoed.

It’s almost sad to deliberation that this will beryllium nan past clip we spot Hardy successful nan role, because nan Venom movies (unless The Last Dance turns retired to beryllium a important upgrade connected its predecessors) will spell down successful history arsenic an illustration of almost cleanable casting fto down by mediocre storytelling. Imagine nan giant-mawed scary successful a buddy movie pinch Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool, aliases romping done abstraction pinch Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk. Venom feels arsenic if he would really use from different larger-than-life heroes and villains to bounce off, but frankincense acold he hasn’t moreover been fixed nan chance to meet Spider-Man decently connected nan large screen.

These 2 scenes doesn't make immoderate sense.
First 1 is from No Way Home wherever #Venom is successful MCU beingness wherever it leaves a mini spot of himself & he gets backmost to his universe
Second 1 he shows nan aforesaid segment but happening successful Sony spiderverse. How?
And that supplier is Mordo successful MCU🤷🏻‍♂️ https://t.co/2l77TsjI1E pic.twitter.com/qxR3IVmawm

— Nikkk…! (@NikhilVardhan48) June 3, 2024

If Sony was capable to get its enactment together capable successful nan boardroom to propulsion disconnected nan ingenious inter-universal smackdown pinch Marvel that was No Way Home, you’d deliberation they could negociate to get nan wall-crawler successful a flick pinch a villain he’s wholly synonymous with, alternatively than trotting retired endless root stories for insignificant convention Spider-villains that cipher ever asked for.

The Last Dance does look apt to springiness america a fitting climax to nan trilogy, pinch nan symbiote’s monstrous mates popping successful from crossed nan cosmos to messiness things up for humanity. But nan only measurement this 1 is going to really deed location is if Tom Holland’s webslinger turns up to prevention nan day. Now that would beryllium a infinitesimal – an progressively improbable seeming 1 – to make nan spot erstwhile Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire walked done portals from different reality ray into insignificance.

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