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In your article (ADHD: does medicine work?, 3 June) I was struck by nan statement astir adults having much prime complete lifestyles and occupations that “play to their cognitive strengths”. My ain acquisition of schoolhouse was riddled pinch detentions for chatting successful people aliases being incapable to power my impulsive behaviours erstwhile I couldn’t grasp aliases didn’t bask the content.

I couldn’t beryllium down to memorise verb endings aliases mathematical formulas – location wasn’t capable stimulation for my liking. But erstwhile I opened a book (or what I eventually learned to telephone a novel) I suddenly felt myself immersed successful worlds afloat of life and emotions and events that could support maine engaged. I could beryllium still reference for longer than thing else. One of my English teachers helped maine to spot really nan words connected a page opened up a world of imaginable interpretations, and pinch it a life of excitement. None of my different teachers expected overmuch of maine astatine school.

I pushed done and near to study English astatine nan University of Birmingham. Coming up to a decade since leaving school, I americium astir to decorativeness my PhD successful English lit astatine nan University of Oxford. I was diagnosed pinch ADHD a twelvemonth agone and medicine has opened up a full caller world to me. My “cognitive strength” has been clear to maine for immoderate time, and I’m fortunate for that. But it took a batch longer to extremity getting detentions and commencement getting praise for it. My constituent – let’s thief children (and adults) to find their cognitive strengths and past thief them to flourish.
Luke Young

I enjoyed Gaby Hinsliff’s article connected neurodivergent workers which suggested that “A fewer cardinal adjustments tin beryllium transformative” (‘I was terrified of nan beverage round’: nan mini changes that tin thief neurodivergent group thrive astatine work, 4 June). However, arsenic a mature big (61) pinch a formal, NHS test of autism, and a moving life of mislaid jobs, I would for illustration to situation this viewpoint. I mislaid my first occupation successful nan 80s (chiropodist), and grounded to support my past successful 2019 (hydrometry and telemetry officer). Between these points I person grounded to support a further 46 jobs, ranging from emptying canine discarded bins to gritter/snow plough driver, and I consciousness that I americium yet successful a position, pinch nan sound of acquisition and very mediocre masking skills, to authorities location are 2 changes required of nan workplace – tolerance and acceptance. Tolerate me, and judge maine arsenic I am. All of nan debased lighting and noise-cancelling headphones successful nan world are not going to supply protection from antagonistic colleagues.
Susan Chipping
Catterick Garrison, North Yorkshire

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