Home Office U-turn grants Wirral ‘legend’ right to live in UK after 46 years

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A retired newsagent and “local legend” from Merseyside has said he feels marvellous aft a Home Office U-turn granted him nan correct to unrecorded successful nan UK almost 50 years aft he arrived.

Nelson Shardey, 75, launched ineligible action against nan Home Office and fundraised almost £50,000 earlier this twelvemonth aft he was refused nan correct to enactment successful nan UK permanently, contempt surviving successful nan state since 1977 and moving his shop, Nelson’s News, successful Wirral for 31 years.

However, earlier an expected tribunal proceeding successful autumn, Shardey has now been informed that nan Home Office has reversed its decision, granting nan retired newsagent indefinite time off to stay successful exceptional circumstances.

Shardey said: “With this settlement, I will beryllium happy to move freely, I’ll beryllium happy to spot my children, I’ll beryllium happy to support smiling astatine group because I cognize we are each 1 group and they each believed successful maine and we shall beryllium 1 complete family … I consciousness immoderate treatment successful me.”

He added: “I americium praying that anybody successful nan aforesaid condition arsenic maine aliases similar, erstwhile they judge successful fairness and justice, they tin execute it.”

Shardey came to nan UK from Ghana astatine nan property of 28 connected a student visa. He said he believed he had British citizenship until he applied for a visa to be his mother’s ceremonial successful 2019.

His sons, Aaron and Jacob, said their begetter had nary logic to uncertainty his ineligible position arsenic he was granted mortgages, paid taxes, completed assemblage work and was capable to get married.

Last year, Shardey was told by nan Home Office to complete nan 10-year way to settlement, which would require him to salary thousands of pounds for visa fees. Only past would he beryllium eligible for indefinite time off to remain, a ineligible position which gives group nan correct to unrecorded and activity successful nan UK.

“All on I cognize I americium portion of this state because this is wherever I unrecorded and this is wherever I’ve been working, this is wherever I’ve contributed to everything. I person ne'er travel crossed immoderate trouble successful immoderate section that I don’t beryllium here,” Shardey antecedently said.

His lawyer, Nicola Burgess, from nan Greater Manchester Immigration Aid Unit, said she was “thrilled” Shardey would beryllium granted indefinite time off to remain, providing him information and certainty successful his retirement, but added that “it wasn’t an easy process”.

Shardey said nan Home Office’s Windrush portion gave nan family incorrect accusation erstwhile a caseworker advised him to use for nan Windrush strategy successful 2022, contempt not being eligible.

Burgess said: “Incorrect applications, a deficiency of ineligible advice, incorrect accusation from nan Home Office and 2 erstwhile refusals to assistance [indefinite time off to remain].

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“Despite this and contempt nan sizeable financial consequence to Nelson and his family, he made nan determination to conflict connected and speak retired astir nan injustice he has experienced. Nelson’s bravery successful nan look of a dysfunctional migration strategy has been inspirational.”

She said Shardey was 1 of galore who faced nan “unfairness” of nan migration strategy and she called connected nan Labour authorities to shorten nan colony way to 5 years.

The family said nan immense mostly of nan almost £50,000 that has been crowdfunded will beryllium distributed to 3 charities: nan Clatterbridge Cancer Charity, nan Boaz Trust and Wirral Foodbank.

The family opportunity they are readying a ceremony erstwhile Shardey has received his settlement. Shardey’s sons said: “Dad’s triumph intends nan absolute world to america … We dream that this triumph inspires others to speak retired and travel guardant truthful they tin activity nan justness they deserve.”

A Home Office spokesperson said: “We are moving pinch Mr Shardey to process his exertion for indefinite time off to remain. We apologise for immoderate inconvenience and distress caused.”

Source theguardian