Homes for sale in England with wartime connections – in pictures

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  • Kidmore End, Oxfordshire

    In nan centre of a colony betwixt Henley and Goring, arsenic nan Thames dips down to Reading, is this Grade II-listed, 17th-century cottage dubbed “the barracks”. According to section lore, Oliver Cromwell billeted his soldiers present during nan English civilian war. The achromatic and achromatic timber-framed thatched spot has 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms and sits successful mature gardens. The original ceramic floors tally underfoot and there’s an unfastened inglenook fireplace and a breadstuff oven successful nan main surviving room, which has exposed timber beams. £1.5m. Knight Frank, 01491 844 903

    A ample achromatic cottage pinch timber frames and a thatched tile pinch a good maintained section and flowerbeds to nan front. Immediately successful beforehand of nan cottage is simply a ample patio pinch flowerpots against nan building and a table, chairs and parasol adjacent nan lawn. Two outbuildings are to nan near of nan cottage. Other houses of a different style are visible successful nan background
  • Alconbury Weald, Cambridgeshire

    This is simply a caller colony carved retired of 577 hectares (1,425 acres) connected what utilized to beryllium subject land, adjacent to nan A1 and conscionable northbound of Huntingdon, pinch 6,500 homes arsenic good arsenic schools and sports pitches. RAF Alconbury was an airbase (1938–1995) from wherever bombers targeted Berlin and surveillance craft took images of nan Normandy beaches earlier D-day. A Grade II-listed power building and a acold warfare bunker person been turned into organization buildings. A two-bed end-of-terrace location is for waste alongside a scope of different homes. £285,000. Hopkins Homes, 01480 435 108

    In nan foreground is simply a mini reservoir surrounded by greenery pinch immoderate bricks steps down to it. Around nan reservoir are new-build houses and a income building pinch acheronian tiled roofs and sand-coloured brickwork. Flags connected poles advertise nan development
  • Hayes, London

    Due to beryllium completed successful 2027, Hayes Village is being built connected 9 acres alongside nan Grand Union canal. There’s greenish space, stepping trails, a moving track, a gym and a footpath to Hayes and Harlington position connected nan Elizabeth statement – a nine-minute locomotion away. The 1,500 homes are being built successful and astir nan creation deco Nestlé mill – nan birthplace of instant java successful 1939. Tonnes of it were sent to nan troops connected nan frontline during nan 2nd world war. One-, two- and three-bedroom homes from £385,000. Barratt Homes, 0371 705 3440

    A achromatic creation deco building pinch a wide entranceway and a taller conception emerging from nan middle. To nan correct is simply a building successful a different style, pinch cladding and balconies
  • Shad Thames, London

    There’s a one-bedroom, one-balcony storage flat successful Grade II-listed Java Wharf successful nan bosom of Shad Thames and overhanging nan River Neckinger – a tributary of nan Thames. This was erstwhile nan tract of England’s first water-powered gunpowder factory, producing munitions that equipped nan Mary Rose earlier its sinking successful 1545. The storage was built successful nan Victorian era. Residents person entree to nan tile terrace and location is simply a concierge and motorcycle storage. The 93 sq metre (1,000 sq ft) home, connected nan 2nd floor, comes pinch moorings . £750,000. Anderson Rose, 020 3324 0188

    A thoroughfare position pinch Java Wharf connected nan left. The five-storey building has exposed brickwork and balconies overlooking nan street. Further on nan building arsenic nan roadworthy curves is simply a walkway connecting an precocious storey to a building connected nan different broadside of nan street
  • Hythe, Kent

    Through nan mediate of nan municipality runs nan Royal Military canal, a relic from nan Napoleonic wars. On nan roadworthy moving parallel are detached houses, each designed differently, this 1 built for a subject officer. After a awesome overhaul, it stands retired pinch salient bay-fronted windows mean nan surviving room and main chamber are flooded pinch light. It is clad successful ornamental brickwork pinch a substance of food standard and plain hung tiles. The Victorian promenade and oversea beforehand are conscionable a five-minute locomotion away. £850,000. Inigo, 020 3687 3071

    A bay-fronted three-storey detached house. There is simply a mini plot to nan beforehand pinch grass, a bare character and immoderate bushes. Ivy grows up nan crushed level conception of nan location beside a bluish beforehand door
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