Honey & Co’s air-fryer chicken wings with baby potatoes – recipe

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Chicken and chips! Our caller aerial fryer type of this timeless meal has go a favourite. Chicken wings are cheap, they navigator quickly (especially successful an aerial fryer) and are afloat of flavour. They’re besides nan only portion of nan vertebrate that tin beryllium confidently eaten while perched connected nan sofa (our eating position of choice). The mini potatoes present get tossed successful each nan roasting juices that are near successful nan cookware and nan bits of roast citrus move into a sticky, saccharine surprise. We for illustration to service this pinch crunchy lettuce leaves to plunge done nan dipping sauce. Winner, victor chickenhearted dinner, indeed.

Chicken wings successful lemon, chromatic and oregano pinch babe potatoes and harissa yoghurt

Prep 15 min
Marinate 1 hr +
Cook 25 min
Serves 2

6 chickenhearted wings, trim successful half to drumstick and winglet
1 lemon

For nan marinade
3 ail cloves, peeled and smashed
1 tsp oversea salt
generous pinch freshly crushed achromatic pepper
1 tbsp wholegrain mustard
1 tbsp
dijon mustard
1 heaped tsp honey
1 tbsp oliva oil

To serve
1 container mini babe potatoes (the ratte assortment activity beautifully here, but immoderate mini ones will do)
3 tbsp yoghurt
1 tsp harissa

A fewer parsley aliases celery leaves
, picked

Put nan trim helping halves successful a bowl. Cut nan citrus successful half, and group 1 half aside. Cut nan remaining half-lemon into quarters, past thinly portion it and adhd to nan wings bowl.

Add each nan marinade ingredients to nan bowl, operation to overgarment and group speech for astatine slightest an hr aliases truthful and up to 48 hours).

Heat nan aerial fryer to 200C for 3 minutes. Tip each nan wings and nan marinade into nan crisper tray and group nan timer for 12 minutes. Once nan clip is up, assistance nan tray retired of nan aerial fryer, springiness it a bully shingle truthful nan wings move and to guarantee they colour each over, past return to nan fryer for different 5 minutes.

Transfer nan wings to a vessel and cover, past put nan potatoes into nan aerial fryer – location is nary request to adhd thing other because nan tray will person each nan juices from cooking nan wings. Cook for 10 minutes, still astatine 200C, past return nan wings to nan tray, laying them connected apical of nan potatoes. Cook for a last 4 minutes, truthful everything is bully and hot.

Meanwhile, operation nan yoghurt pinch nan harissa.

Plate up nan wings and potatoes, compression nan juice of nan reserved half-lemon complete nan wings, past scatter nan parsley aliases celery complete nan batch and serve.

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