How will seven parties hope to make their mark in BBC election debate?

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Friday evening’s seven-way statement could beryllium sparky and chaotic, not to mention eye-opening fixed nan scope of representatives connected show – 2 leaders, 1 co-leader, a Westminster leader, 2 lawman leaders and 1 Commons leader. But what will each statement dream to get from their 90 minutes connected BBC One?


Represented by: Penny Mordaunt. Leader of nan Commons and sword-holder extraordinaire, Mordaunt is an absorbing choice. She was astir apt selected arsenic she is simply a polished and, arsenic needed, bullish debater but tin besides talk for illustration a quality being and show empathy. As a sideline, Mordaunt and her friends will spot this arsenic an informal audition for immoderate post-election activity challenge.

Her aim? Other than seeming, well, leader-like, Mordaunt’s task will beryllium successful portion harm limitation aft Rishi Sunak’s apology for leaving nan D-day commemorations early, and besides an effort to push anti-Labour notions, particularly connected tax.

And nan cardinal message? Labour’s expected £2,000 per family taxation rise. Despite this being largely fictitious and disowned by nan civilian service, nan Conservatives judge this is simply a resonant message. Try to count really galore times Mordaunt cites nan figure.


Angela Rayner speaking successful beforehand of a backdrop pinch Labour’s run connection ‘Change’ connected it
Angela Rayner is quick-thinking and besides very bully astatine showing her quality side. Photograph: Stuart Wallace/Rex/Shutterstock

Represented by: Angela Rayner, lawman leader, protector levelling up caput and people leader to rather a fewer successful nan party. Rayner will beryllium utilized to nan trim and thrust, having regularly deputised for Keir Starmer astatine premier minister’s questions. She is quick-thinking and besides very bully astatine showing her quality side.

Her aim? Other than batting distant talk of a £2,000 taxation measure more quickly than Starmer did successful Tuesday’s head-to-head statement pinch Sunak, a cardinal portion of Labour’s statement intends is simply to present its apical squad to voters. Expect immoderate answers to beryllium framed successful nan discourse of Rayner’s inspiring backstory.

And nan cardinal message? As pinch Starmer connected Tuesday: you tin spot us. We’re not frightening. Plus – do you really want 5 much years of this lot?

Liberal Democrats

Daisy Cooper
Daisy Cooper is fluent, articulate and capable to speak for illustration a normal personnel of nan quality race. Photograph: Thomas Krych/Zuma Press/Rex/Shutterstock

Represented by: Daisy Cooper, nan lawman leader, who is 1 of nan party’s astir elder MPs contempt having won her St Albans spot only successful 2019. Most voters will not person a hint who she is beforehand, but nan Lib Dems will beryllium assured – Cooper is fluent, articulate and, successful thing of a taxable for this debate, capable to speak for illustration a normal personnel of nan quality race.

Her aim? In portion – hello, look astatine us! Getting media bandwidth successful an predetermination tin beryllium difficult for smaller parties, and on pinch nan leader Ed Davey’s schedule of camera-friendly predetermination visits, this will beryllium a chance for nan Lib Dems to get done to a wide audience.

And nan cardinal message? The Lib Dems person a highly targeted run strategy and will want to fto voters cognize they are nan main challengers to nan Tories successful dozens of seats. Oh yes, and you tin stake nan owe connected sewage getting a mention.

Scottish National party

Stephen Flynn
Stephen Flynn is known for speaking fluently and snappily, each without notes. Photograph: Murdo MacLeod/The Guardian

Represented by: Stephen Flynn, nan leader of nan party’s Westminster group since precocious 2022, erstwhile Ian Blackford was ousted from nan role. The Aberdeen South MP represents nan statement astatine PMQs, wherever he is known for speaking fluently and snappily, each without notes. He could do good successful nan debate.

His aim? To an extent, for illustration Mordaunt, harm limitation for a semipermanent incumbent statement facing a tricky election. Expect Labour-focused lines connected nan modulation from North Sea energy, and societal security.

And nan cardinal message? To simplify conscionable slightly: Labour is going to triumph anyhow – it does not request Scottish votes but Scotland needs SNP MPs to support Labour honest.

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Carla Denyer speaks astatine a lectern, pinch Green statement supporters behind
Carla Denyer will want to tout her party’s policies connected areas beyond nan environment. Photograph: Adrian Sherratt/The Guardian

Represented by: Carla Denyer, a co-leader of nan statement successful England and Wales since 2021 arsenic portion of nan bully cop/good bull duo of her and Adrian Ramsay. A longtime councillor successful Bristol, she has a decent chance of becoming nan party’s second-ever MP aft Caroline Lucas by unseating Labour’s Thangam Debbonaire successful Bristol Central.

Her aim? At consequence of being repetitive – hello, voters! Leading a smaller statement successful an predetermination is difficult, and a statement for illustration this tin beryllium very useful to raise awareness. Some voters whitethorn spot nan Greens arsenic an environment-only endeavor and Denyer will want to tout policies connected different areas specified arsenic tackling poverty.

And nan cardinal message? Much for illustration for nan SNP – voting for america is simply a free hit. Labour is group for a mostly and a fewer Green MPs successful seats Labour would different triumph anyhow will fto america clasp their feet to nan fire.

Reform UK

A smiling Nigel Farage holds a milkshake successful beforehand of nan Reform battlebus
Nigel Farage will happily deed retired astatine anyone. Photograph: Tolga Akmen/EPA

Represented by: Nigel Farage. He’s back. After initially viewing nan wide predetermination arsenic somewhat beneath his salary grade, Farage has appointed himself leader of nan statement he owns anyway, and is opinionated successful Clacton. He tin beryllium a formidable governmental communicator and nan different attenders will want to combat him and beryllium somewhat wary of doing so.

His aim? To not look for illustration a politician. A spot for illustration Boris Johnson, Farage has nan expertise to beryllium nan eventual insider and yet look astatine voters pinch an implicit wink that says – who are each these weirdos? While Reform’s purpose is to crush nan Tories, he will happily deed retired astatine anyone.

And nan cardinal message? The modern Farage is much openly difficult correct and populist than his Brexit incarnation. Expect broadbrush attacks connected elites and vested interests, pinch immoderate hardly coded comments astir Islam and immigration.

Plaid Cymru

Rhun ap Iorwerth holds a microphone while speaking
Rhun ap Iorwerth will beryllium looking to opposition nan comparative calm he has returned to his statement pinch nan turmoil successful Welsh Labour. Photograph: Peter Byrne/PA

Represented by: Rhun ap Iorwerth. The 2nd newest leader successful nan debate, nan erstwhile journalist and Welsh Senedd personnel took complete a twelvemonth ago aft Adam Price’s departure pursuing a study connected a culture of intersexual harassment, bullying and misogyny successful nan party.

His aim? To opposition nan comparative calm he has returned to his statement pinch nan turmoil successful Welsh Labour, wherever nan first minister, Vaughan Gething, mislaid a Plaid Cymru-backed vote of nary confidence successful nan Senedd this week aft a specified 12 weeks successful nan job.

And nan cardinal message? Yet again: Labour looks group for a sweeping win, truthful why not elite a fewer of our group arsenic well, for a specifically Welsh-focused view connected much devolution and a amended environment?

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