Hungary v Switzerland: Euro 2024 – live

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Hungary’s squad includes Barnsley midfielder Callum Styles. He said to Will Unwin astir chickenhearted noodle crockery and nan challenges of learning Hungarian.


Hello and invited to live, minute-by-minute sum of Hungary v Switzerland successful Cologne. This isn’t nan astir eyecatching crippled of nan play but it’s an important 1 successful a group wherever each 4 teams person a reliable chance of qualification.

Germany’s 5-1 triumph complete Scotland has fixed them early power of nan group, but everything’s up for grabs, particularly arsenic nan 4 champion third-placed teams will spell done to nan past 16.

It’s an unwritten norm of modern tournaments that Switzerland should scope and past spell retired successful nan past 16. The only clip they collapsed it was astatine nan past Euros, erstwhile they hit France connected penalties and past mislaid to Spain connected penalties successful nan quarter-finals.

Hungary went retired astatine this shape successful 2021, though they were successful a bloody reliable group and drew pinch some France and Germany. They person immoderate breathtaking players, astir notably nan skipper Dominik Szoboszlai, and person nan imaginable to make a scatter successful nan adjacent fewer weeks.

Kick disconnected 2pm.

Source theguardian