‘I bet £50k that ball is out’: Dart rows with umpire in loss to Katie Boulter

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Katie Boulter came done a contentious opening to her Rothesay Open title defence successful Nottingham aft a marathon title against her British teammate Harriet Dart.

The British No 1 fought backmost from a group down to triumph 6-7, 6-4, 7-5 successful a first-round lucifer successful which her force called successful nan tourney referee aft a bid of disputed statement calls.

An incensed Dart was progressive successful a moving conflict pinch nan umpire Kelly Rask complete a bid of calls that went against her, including 1 that was overturned and different that was replayed.

Boulter, who broke into nan world’s apical 30 for nan first clip aft her first WTA 500 tourney triumph successful San Diego this year, kept her cool admirably successful trying circumstances to progress.

She and Dart had history successful Nottingham having been progressive successful an arsenic lively quarter-final past twelvemonth successful which nan beaten Londoner accused Boulter of being unprofessional pinch immoderate of her on-court gestures astatine nan net.

This clip astir it was nan umpire who was connected nan receiving end. Simmering throughout, Dart exploded towards nan extremity of nan 2nd group aft different tight statement telephone went against her.

The speech pinch Rask started erstwhile Dart said: “The shot is truthful acold out, this is embarrassing. You’re embarrassing yourself.”

Rask replied: “Harriet, watch it.”

Dart: “You should beryllium embarrassed.” She past placed a shot down connected nan crushed six inches down nan line. “It was here, nary joke, everyone present knows it.”

Rask: “Harriet extremity now aliases you’re going to get a code. I’ve had capable now. That’s it.”

Dart past called for nan tourney referee, claiming: “If we watch that backmost I tin committedness you, I would backmost £50,000 that shot is out. I’d shingle your manus now. It’s a joke really acold that was out.”

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Dart tested Rask’s patience further by sarcastically checking pinch her whether a shot that landed a comfortable 2 yards complete nan baseline was out. The tenacious Dart, who played immoderate terrific protect tennis, had threatened an upset aft taking nan opening group tie-break 7-5.

Boulter, though, had nan calmness not to panic. While she did not play astatine her champion – nan windy conditions caused problems pinch her serving – she recovered her measurement to nan decorativeness line.

The cardinal infinitesimal came pinch a break to 30 connected nan Dart service successful nan 11th crippled of nan deciding group that offered her nan chance to service out. Dart saved 2 lucifer points earlier Boulter yet did truthful aft 3 hours and 13 minutes.

Heather Watson besides came backmost from a group down to unafraid a 4-6, 6-0, 6-4 triumph against America’s Kayla Day.

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