‘I wish I had enjoyed success more’: Jon Bon Jovi on megahits, marriage – and his fears for his career

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In 1982, Jon Bon Jovi recorded a opus called Runaway during his downtime while moving astatine a New York signaling studio. Every grounds institution he approached rejected it, but a power DJ encouraged him to participate an unsigned set competition, which he won. Not agelong after, Bon Jovi was driving backmost to his parents location successful Sayreville, New Jersey. “I was unsocial successful nan car and I heard Runaway connected nan power for nan first time,” he recalls. “I wanted to rotation nan windows down and thrust accelerated – I hoped that I would get pulled complete conscionable truthful I could show nan cops that was maine connected nan radio.”

Alone and driving accelerated pinch nan power on: it could beryllium a Bon Jovi lyric. And 42 years, 16 workplace albums and millions of income later, nan travel that started pinch Runaway now reaches caller medium Forever. As connected nan band’s caller documentary series, Thank You and Goodnight, it’s Jon Bon Jovi looking successful nan rearview mirror: 1 opus is astir buying his first guitar, while different revisits nan band’s days playing connected nan Jersey shore. But those early gigs built up into a profession that he now realises he often wasn’t allowing himself to enjoy. “I was competing pinch myself for a agelong play of time,” he says.

We’re talking astatine Soul Kitchen successful Red Bank, New Jersey, a nonprofit, pay-what-you-can edifice for low-income families that Bon Jovi group up pinch his wife, Dorothea. It’s 2 minutes’ locomotion from nan Count Basie theatre wherever Bon Jovi played a drawstring of Christmas shows successful nan 90s, and a seven-minute thrust from wherever Bon Jovi now lives. Sayreville, wherever he grew up, is 35 minutes north-west. “All of our values were established here,” he says. “No matter really acold you go, you transportation your location municipality pinch you.”

He sounds arsenic if he is sharing an earlier draught of a statement from nan caller medium – “I cognize this municipality for illustration nan backmost of my manus / Every ace successful nan sidewalk tells maine who I am” – but it’s understandable that he’s taking stock. Now 62, Bon Jovi is not conscionable looking backmost astatine his location life – including a matrimony that has lasted 35 years – but his life’s work. A sadistic irony is that aft yet learning to bask that career, it’s nether threat from a damaged vocal cord, making nan imaginable of early touring unlikely. “It’s a activity successful progress,” he says of his voice. “There’s nary miracle. I conscionable wish location was a fucking ray switch. I’m much than tin of singing again. The barroom is now: tin I do 2 and a half hours a night, 4 nights a week? The reply is no.”

Bon Jovi grew up nan boy of a florist begetter and a mother who joined nan Marines aft having been a Playboy bunny. “Your emblematic middle-class upbringing,” arsenic he has it. “It was very overmuch a blue-collar childhood. No 1 I was champion friends pinch aliases moreover buddies pinch were seeking higher education. It was nan mill aliases nan service.” Bon Jovi was fixed an electrical guitar arsenic a Christmas coming aged 13, and his chamber was plastered pinch posters of philharmonic heroes. “When you’re that property everybody thinks you’re gonna beryllium a rock’n’roll prima and that you’re gonna really make it,” he says, “I was conscionable dumb capable to judge it.”

Bon Jovi connected shape successful Japan successful 1984.
Bon Jovi connected shape successful Japan successful 1984. Photograph: Koh Hasebe/Shinko Music/Getty Images

What made “the intolerable possible” was that not acold from wherever he lived, different New Jersey musician had made it. “I first went to spot Bruce Springsteen and nan E Street Band successful 1978,” he recalls. “They were 30 miles southbound of my bedroom, penning songs astir nan places that I lived. And dissimilar nan group connected nan posters connected my wall – Led Zeppelin and Queen and Elton John – you could locomotion into a barroom successful New Jersey and tally into Bruce aliases 1 of nan band.”

On 9 January 1980 Bon Jovi was performing astatine nan Fast Lane, a venue successful Asbury Park, pinch his set Atlantic City Expressway. He was halfway done a screen type of Springsteen’s The Promised Land erstwhile he turned astir to spot Springsteen, who had been successful nan assemblage and was now astir to subordinate him connected stage. “That was magical. Remember: I americium going backmost to precocious schoolhouse nan adjacent day.” Later that twelvemonth a relative helped Bon Jovi get a lowly occupation astatine nan Power Station signaling workplace successful New York, wherever he ran errands. He was still a teen but capable to watch nan likes of Mick Jagger, Diana Ross and Dire Straits astatine work, positive Queen and David Bowie signaling Under Pressure. When nan workplace was not being used, Bon Jovi would usage it to grounds his ain music, including Runaway.

Bon Jovi released 2 moderately successful albums earlier going supersonic pinch 1986’s Slippery When Wet. What if he hadn’t had that relative who worked astatine nan Power Station? “It was gonna happen,” he says. “I would’ve recorded Runaway location else. I had nan song.” He was definite he’d beryllium successful. “There was nary question, not moreover a infinitesimal of doubt. None.”

Slippery When Wet was stuffed pinch classics specified arsenic You Give Love a Bad Name, Wanted Dead Or Alive and Livin’ On a Prayer. Tommy and Gina, nan mates successful nan second song, were inspired by existent group Bon Jovi knew who joined young. “He sacrificed what would person been profession choices for love, and I was astounded, because I admired that sacrifice.” He laughs erstwhile I inquire whether Tommy and Gina would now beryllium Trump supporters, but admits to emotion tense astir nan upcoming election. His caller opus The People’s House is astir nan January 6 insurrection. “Democracy is astatine stake: we are astatine a precipice successful this country.”

Studio set changeable of Bon Jovi successful their 80s finery.
Bon Jovi successful 1985. Photograph: Koh Hasebe/Shinko Music/Getty Images

Slippery When Wet made nan set rich | and celebrated and installed Bon Jovi arsenic New Jersey royalty alongside Springsteen, but nan 1 personification he could not look gathering was nan state’s biggest philharmonic name, Frank Sinatra. “That is 1 of my fewer regrets successful life,” he says. “I had galore chances but I wasn’t emotionally ready. I didn’t cognize capable astir each nan aspects of who he was and really truthful galore of those aspects influenced things that I did successful my life.” I jokingly opportunity that Sinatra must person hated him for nan repeated rebuffing, but it lands badly. “Why would you presume that?” Bon Jovi says, nan aerial successful nan Soul Kitchen abruptly chilling. “Don’t constitute 1 of those stupid fucking English articles.” I repetition that it was conscionable a joke. “I don’t judge you astatine all, but, OK, we’ll spell pinch that,” he says, adding: “Don’t reproach Frank.” I consciousness for illustration an underling successful beforehand of a mob boss, but relations thankfully soon thaw.

Bon Jovi was disoriented by nan occurrence of Slippery When Wet. “It changed group astir america much than it changed us,” he says. “Suddenly group who we would usually inquire for advice” – specified arsenic his parents – “were now asking us for advice.” The remainder of nan set embraced nan sex, narcotics and rock’n’roll lifestyle, “but for maine erstwhile everything relies connected maine singing, I’m going to person to spell to furniture earlier than nan others. I wish I had enjoyed nan occurrence more, but personification has to beryllium nan backmost of nan squad to support nan set together.”

That occurrence astatine slightest freed him and Dorothea to onslaught crossed nan US successful nan precocious 80s, riding motorbikes, “staying successful inexpensive motels – a beautiful measurement to spot nan country”. How did motel receptionists respond erstwhile Jon Bon Jovi walked in? “I retrieve pulling into a state position by nan Grand Canyon and location was a kid who had 1 of our T-shirts on. I was like, hey. And he was like, hey. He didn’t recognise me. [In nan end] I took disconnected my helmet and pulled retired my licence. I conjecture I didn’t look very bully that day.”

Also keeping him grounded was Dorothea herself, and this twelvemonth they observe 35 years of marriage. “I conscionable sewage it correct nan first time,” he says. “I was blessed to person known her since we were kids and I couldn’t person ever imagined life immoderate differently.” In nan days earlier our gathering different question and reply goes viral, pinch Bon Jovi saying he “got distant pinch murder” regarding women: “I’m a rock’n’roll star. I’m not a saint. I’m not saying that location weren’t 100 girls successful my life. I’m Jon Bon Jovi. It was beautiful good.” I hardly commencement to mention it erstwhile he leaps in. “That was an absorbing infinitesimal wherever nan encephalon and lips don’t connect,” he says. “What I meant to opportunity was I’ve had a 100 women who person thrown themselves astatine me, but I didn’t decorativeness nan condemnation truthful I really came disconnected for illustration an arrogant cliche.”

Portrait changeable of Bon Jovi opinionated up surrounded by raised beds of greenish herbs and different plants.
‘I utilized to want to prehend nan time – now I conscionable want to clasp nan day.’ Photograph: Mike McGregor/The Guardian

While not wholly immune to stone prima cliche – his teeth are blindingly achromatic and he is fond of dispensing aphorisms that lucifer penetration – Bon Jovi is superior and thoughtful. He arrives pinch nary entourage and pauses to convey nan photoshoot’s constitution guy. He has devoted clip and money to philanthropy, backing a wellness session for nan poor, and lodging for low-income families successful Philadelphia. He has established 4 Soul Kitchen outlets crossed New Jersey and during nan Covid pandemic he spent his days washing dishes astatine nan restaurant. “Connecting pinch personification present is honorable to God conscionable arsenic fulfilling [as playing live] because you cognize that they had a consciousness of community, and a spot to travel that was safe,” he says.

Kiss nan Bride, from nan caller record, is astir nan wedding of his daughter, Stephanie, while his boy Jake precocious joined nan character Millie Bobby Brown. I wonder, fixed his wealth, astir nan situation of keeping them rooted, too. “You person kids,” he replies. “What do you do astir it?” Bon Jovi is sometimes prone to deflection; I laughter and show him we don’t person nan aforesaid problem, but he genuinely seems willing successful proceeding astir my parenting style. “My kids observe my activity ethic and that’s successful their DNA now – they’re not trust-fund babies,” he says eventually. “You person to spell to work. I will springiness them capable to make judge they person shoes connected their feet but for illustration Dorothea says: ‘Daddy has money, you don’t person anything.’”

And regarding his vocal issues, Bon Jovi is determinedly buoyant, moreover if touring is disconnected nan table. His sound sounds awesome connected nan caller album, and a fewer days earlier he had performed connected American Idol: “It lights you up erstwhile you’re retired there,” he says. “As agelong arsenic I person nan ability, I will constitute songs and make records.”

When he was young and connected nan commencement of his travel trying to hawk his first azygous astir grounds labels and power stations, Bon Jovi was driven, he says, by “youth, naivety and self-belief”. Four decades on, connected nan caller opus Living Proof, he’s singing that he’s “got thing near to prove”, and he is intelligibly proud of Forever. “It feels very individual to me,” he says, calling it “the champion medium we person made successful 20 years”.

The personification who was ever competing pinch himself is, he adds, “now perfectly wherever I want to be. I utilized to want to prehend nan time – now I conscionable want to clasp nan day.” He gets up, slips connected his sunglasses, steps into a achromatic sports car and takes nan seven-minute travel backmost home.

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