Ignorance ain’t strength: what 1984 tells us about fake news – and how to resist it

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The communicative famously opens arsenic nan clocks onslaught 13 – conveying an contiguous consciousness of discomfort, aliases of abnormality. As if clip itself has been distorted.

But it isn’t conscionable nan clocks. Through nan eyes of nan protagonist, Winston Smith, and done nan exertion pinch which he interacts, 1984 shows america a world built connected governmental power – not conscionable complete people’s actions, but complete their thoughts.

The vividness of those technologies often dominates discussions astir 1984, not slightest because of really prescient galore of them seem. Every location successful Airstrip One (the book’s renamed United Kingdom) contains a telescreen – a two-way TV which tin broadcast arsenic good arsenic receive, and which is permanently switched on. This is possibly nan astir spot-on of Orwell’s galore feats of prophecy successful nan book – although, these days, we person ourselves we support our ain cameras switched connected by choice.

In his domiciled “rectifying” history for nan Ministry of Truth, Winston Smith dictates into a instrumentality (correct again, Orwell) and is capable to revise aliases erase aged news reports – each of which is not only imaginable successful nan net era, but is each excessively often deployed successful today’s world of misinformation, clone news and “alternative facts”.

The Ministry of Truth’s sprawling propaganda cognition besides includes machines known arsenic “versificators” that automatically mass-produce books and songs. It is for nan scholar to determine whether to return a cynical aliases sanguine position of this read-across to today’s reality. Either way, nan versificators look group to subordinate 1984’s uncanny catalogue of technological prophecies arsenic we now grapple pinch nan content-creating capabilities of generative AI.

Fake news/post truth

All of this technology, conscionable for illustration Orwell’s fascination pinch nan nuances of connection and its expertise to grow aliases curtail free expression, is what makes nan grim mundane reality of life successful Airstrip One truthful evocative. But nary of this is what makes 1984 still consciousness truthful urgent and applicable successful 2024 – 40 years aft nan eponymous early twelvemonth successful which his dystopia is set. Instead, it is Orwell’s knowing of nan intent and quality of propaganda and misinformation.

Orwell has been accused of being heavy-handed successful his building of Airstrip One’s propaganda regime, but it is nan extremes of it that lays it bare – helping america make usage of nan novel’s insights successful our regular lives. After all, nan position and nan devices of propaganda alteration – “fake news”, “misinformation” and “deepfakes” being conscionable immoderate of nan latest – but its basal quality does not.

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The Ministry of Truth – a clip from Audible's caller dramatisation

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The astir important facet of Orwell’s characterisation of propaganda and misinformation successful 1984 is that it stems from those astatine nan pinnacle of power, and it is deployed ruthlessly to service their interests. It is easy to suffer show of this truth coming erstwhile nan onslaught of clone news seems to travel astatine america via truthful galore different actors and connected truthful galore different integer platforms.

Moreover, while we mightiness recognise that nan powerful exert power complete what is broadcast connected today’s telescreens aliases printed successful nan newspapers they publish, Orwell’s caller brilliantly conveys that it extends acold beyond that. The world of Winston Smith is 1 successful which moreover rumors is commodified to nan purposes of nan Party, not slightest erstwhile it is coupled pinch a concealed constabulary authorities that encourages group to study connected their friends, neighbours aliases lovers – and moreover children to denounce their parents.

It is present that Orwell’s 2nd awesome penetration into nan quality of propaganda comes into play. As nan crippled of 1984 rolls on, it is progressively evident that Winston and his person Julia – played successful Audible’s caller dramatisation by Andrew Garfield and Cynthia Erivo – are not nan only ones who don’t really judge nan blatant lies and propaganda churned retired by their authorities – but everyone knows they must put connected a show.

So cowed are nan group by nan request to execute arsenic propaganda says they must, that moreover parents who person been rounded up by nan concealed constabulary because their children reported they had been saying seditious things successful their sleep, speak of their gratitude towards and pridefulness successful their kid for doing so. “Pretty smart for a nipper of seven, eh?” exclaims Winston’s workfellow Parsons arsenic he recounts being denounced by his daughter. “I don’t carnivore her immoderate grudge for it. In truth I’m proud of her. It shows I brought her up successful nan correct spirit, anyway.”

In a chilling infinitesimal minutes later, Parsons – played by nan character and comedian Romesh Ranganathan – begs nan concealed constabulary to spare him and termination his family instead: “I’ve sewage a woman and 3 children … You tin return nan full batch of them and trim their throats successful beforehand of my eyes.”

The concealed constabulary cognize nan kid has fabricated nan incident for reward, Parsons apt knows it too, and yet everyone plays on pinch nan charade arsenic it proves that nan propaganda is moving – everyone is consenting to enactment according to nan approved fiction.

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We seldom deliberation of misinformation successful nan existent world successful specified a way, but we mightiness use if we did. The intent of propaganda is seldom to promote everyone who views aliases sounds it to judge successful its literal truth – alternatively it provides a narrative, aliases lets those already on-side cognize what arguments are sanctioned and will beryllium pushed. It is simply a conveyance for powerfulness of 1 benignant aliases different to support its supporters successful line.

When viewed done this Orwellian lens, nan very thought of fact-checking arsenic a antagonistic to propaganda aliases misinformation seems ridiculous – arsenic futile arsenic nan thought that if Winston had only kept 1 altered header alternatively of dropping it down nan representation hole, he could person challenged nan powerfulness of nan Party.

In today’s post-truth dystopia, nan capacity of propaganda, on pinch quality cognitive biases and defence mechanisms, intends that group will often conscionable cling moreover harder to their preferred falsehoods erstwhile faced pinch existent facts and statistical proof. And indeed, this is what Orwell was informing america astir – not conscionable a world deluged by clone news and propaganda pumped retired by nan powerful, but a world successful which group conscionable extremity caring astir truthfulness. Today, nan conflict against propaganda is besides a conflict against people’s increasing indifference to it.

Understanding propaganda arsenic a instrumentality utilized by those successful power, and past deployed arsenic capacity by those astatine whom it is aimed gives america a caller model successful which to analyse it, and a caller consciousness successful which to defy it.

James Ball is nan writer of nan books Post-Truth, and The Other Pandemic: How QAnon Contaminated nan World.

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