India v Pakistan: T20 Cricket World Cup – live

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So galore intriguing aspects to this match. First of each nan location – nan ICC intelligibly want to vessel complete nan American’s and cement cricket successful nan states – a mostly untapped marketplace but an progressively willing 1 since nan Major League Cricket tourney was established a mates of years ago. They’ve conscionable pulled disconnected nan large coup of snaring Pat Cummins’ beingness for nan adjacent 4 years, nan Australian men’s Test skipper has signed a woody pinch nan San Francisco Unicorns up until 2027.

And yet, nan stadium that Cricket’s apical brass person spent millions constructing successful Long Island’s Eisenhower Park isn’t location to enactment arsenic a lasting and usable memento, it’s being taken down successful a fewer weeks’ time. Grumbling astir that speech – immoderate won’t beryllium sad to spot it go, astatine slightest not nan teams who person had to bat connected nan driblet successful wicket. The pitches utilized person been unpredictable and look to person much herb than a scotch bonnet dense jambalaya. Low scores and bruised batters person been nan communicative of nan surfaces truthful far, pinch nan ICC announcing they are ‘looking into’ nan issue.

Oh. OK. It is presently raining astatine Nassau Stadium. The flip is confirmed to beryllium delayed. I deliberation it’s a dependable drizzle and isn’t excessively bad. In truth there’s an umpire inspection successful a fewer minutes.


James Wallace

James Wallace

Hello and invited to nan Big One. Sunday successful nan Big Apple. NYC. The City that ne'er sleeps. New Yoik, New Yoik. It’s India v Pakistan – nan fieriest rivalry successful nan crippled – successful 1 of nan top cities connected world (ok ok, astir 1.5 hours down nan roadworthy from Manhattan but you know, it is famously rather cramped there).

Our man connected nan ground, Andy Bull, has written this awesome segment setter.

Most locals do not moreover cognize nan lucifer is happening, but nan fewer who do are not talking astir overmuch else. It seems conscionable astir everyone who is anyone successful nan Pakistani- and Indian-American communities is going to beryllium location and everyone other wants to cognize really they tin subordinate them.

Pretty overmuch everyone I spot asks maine for a ticket,” said nan USA Cricket chairman, Venu Pisike. The USA’s opening bowler Ali Khan, meanwhile, sighed: “Oh, man, don’t moreover spell there. I’ve had to extremity replying to nan requests. I don’t moreover messiness pinch nan tickets for that match, it’s crazy.”

Never mind nan existent match, you cannot get into nan viewing statement being hosted by nan New York Mets astatine Citi Field. They’re expecting 27,000 on to watch nan crippled connected nan large screen, while different 5,000 aliases truthful are owed astatine a akin arena a fewer miles from Eisenhower Park successful Cedar Creek Park. That is earlier you commencement adding connected each nan group pursuing nan crippled successful restaurants, bars and area stores astir nan city.

The small municipality of Westbury has nary thought what’s astir to deed it. “We don’t cognize what to expect,” said nan region executive, Bruce Blakeman, “but we’re told it’s going to beryllium for illustration nan Super Bowl connected steroids.”

A 100 other constabulary patrols person been laid connected successful nan territory and 300 section officers will beryllium connected work astatine nan ground, positive an undisclosed number of reinforcements from Suffolk County, nan authorities constabulary and FBI. They person sewage snipers connected nan adjacent rooftops, SWAT teams connected each gate, flatbed trucks blocking each way into nan venue and a squad of 50 officers monitoring “every inch of nan venue” connected cameras from a distant location.”

Play will statesman successful a small complete 30 minutes, I’ll bring you news of nan teams and flip immoderate second. This should beryllium rather nan spectacle. Yeh – I’m talkin’ to you.

Source theguardian