Inside Donald Trump’s hush-money trial: three key testimonies – video

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Twelve jurors successful New York person presented their chap Americans pinch a elemental question: are you consenting to elite a convicted criminal to nan White House?

On Thursday, Donald Trump was recovered blameworthy of each 34 counts of falsifying business records successful a criminal hush-money strategy to power nan result of nan 2016 election. The verdict makes him nan first president, existent aliases former, to beryllium recovered blameworthy of felony crimes successful nan US's adjacent 250-year history. Regardless, nan condemnation does not disqualify Trump arsenic a statesmanlike campaigner aliases barroom him from again sitting successful nan Oval Office.

Trump, who opted not to return nan guidelines during nan trial, has denied wrongdoing, railed against nan proceedings and up of nan verdict compared himself to a saint: “Mother Teresa could not hit these charges. The charges are rigged,” he said connected Wednesday. Trump, nan presumptive Republican nominee, is expected to entreaty nan verdict.

The Guardian’s Sam Levine has been successful tribunal complete nan past respective weeks covering each nan developments – present are 3 testimonies he recovered astir memorable. 

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