Inside the hospital trialling a plan that Labour hopes can fix the NHS

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Just 2 weeks aft he was diagnosed pinch cancer, John Harvey was successful a infirmary ward connected Thursday for a three-hour cognition which he hopes will cure him.

Harvey, 79, from eastbound London, expected an anxious hold for curen aft being diagnosed pinch colon crab but has benefited from a thrust to trim waiting times astatine nan London spot wherever he is being treated. “I thought nan hold would beryllium weeks and weeks,” he said. “I was surprised.”

Cancer diligent John Harvey sitting successful hospital
Cancer diligent John Harvey successful nan elective room hub successful nan King George hospital, eastbound London. Photograph: Andy Hall/The Observer

Harvey, who was successful infirmary for an cognition to region portion of his colon, and millions of others for illustration him are connected nan frontline of a cardinal predetermination battleground: nan NHS waiting list.

Rishi Sunak said successful January past twelvemonth that he would hole nan NHS, pledging that “waiting lists will autumn and group will get nan attraction they request much quickly”. The waiting database is 330,000 longer than erstwhile he made his pledge.

Sunak and Labour leader Keir Starmer fought complete nan NHS waiting database successful the ITV wide predetermination debate connected Tuesday erstwhile nan premier curate claimed waiting lists were coming down. Starmer responded: “[They were] 7.2 cardinal erstwhile you said you would get them down. They are now 7.5 million, I would for illustration you to explicate really they’re coming down.”

Shadow wellness caput Wes Streeting says a caller Labour authorities will create an further 40,000 appointments, scans and operations a week successful England to trim nan waiting list, balanced to much than 2m other appointments a year. Yet 1 cardinal mobility remains for nan millions languishing connected nan list: will it work?

Medical teams astatine King George hospital, portion of nan Barking, Havering and Redbridge University hospitals NHS trust, wherever John Harvey was being treated past week, are already implementing immoderate of nan innovative measures which could yet trim nan waiting lists. The infirmary is successful a neighbouring constituency to Streeting’s, and he has highlighted their activity arsenic “genuinely groundbreaking and nationally leading”.

The extremity is to debar cancellations and guarantee that aesculapian resources, from operating theatres to diagnostics equipment, are utilized effectively. Or, arsenic 1 head of room put it past week, “to sweat nan assets”. There is besides much play moving and partnerships pinch independent providers to guarantee faster test and treatment.

Planned operations, known arsenic elective surgery, are routinely cancelled successful hospitals crossed nan state because high-dependency beds are unavailable aliases surgical teams and operating theatres are needed for emergency admissions. The delays cascade down nan lists.

Thangadorai Amalesh, divisional head of room astatine nan Barking, Havering and Redbridge University hospitals NHS trust, said that during nan pandemic nan aesculapian teams looked astatine nan champion ways to debar cancellations. “We decided to found what we described arsenic a infirmary wrong a hospital, wherever we protected King George infirmary successful our spot arsenic an elective hub,” he said.

A wellness worker walks past a schematic show connected a wall.
A wall schematic successful nan elective room hub astatine nan King George hospital, showing improvements successful performance. Photograph: Andy Hall/The Observer

The caller dedicated hub was group up pinch ringfenced beds, accommodation and staff. It meant patients could beryllium admitted without worrying that their operations whitethorn beryllium cancelled and surgeons could commencement operations earlier successful nan morning, knowing that a high-dependency furniture would beryllium disposable for nan diligent afterwards.

The objective teams looked astatine various aspects of their operations, pinch respective projects to summation productivity. It included “bones” weeks to tackle backlogs successful orthopaedic patients, pinch theatres operating 12 hours a time complete weekdays and nan weekend.

“The reply is ne'er bureaucracy but alternatively to attraction connected really you region bottlenecks successful nan system,” said Amalesh. “We learned a batch of lessons from nan pandemic connected really to beryllium much flexible.”

The standalone elective hub group up astatine King George infirmary during nan pandemic was 1 of nan first to beryllium established. There are now astir 100 crossed England, focusing chiefly connected high-volume, low-complexity surgery.

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The King George hub was expanded pinch nan opening of a £14m hold including 2 operating theatres past month. It will let 100 further operations a week. The spot trim nan number of patients waiting much than a twelvemonth from 2,430 successful March 2021 to 1,783 past March, and officials opportunity they could person sewage this down to zero had location been nary business action.

Despite this success, nan astir caller figures show wide waiting lists astatine nan spot are still rising complete nan year, highlighting nan truth that inpatient operations are only a mini proportionality of nan wide waiting list.

Top infirmary executive pinch his sleeves rolled up.
Matthew Trainer, main executive astatine Barking, Havering and Redbridge University hospitals NHS trust. Photograph: Andy Hall/The Observer

Matthew Trainer, nan trust’s main executive, said: “This is not going to beryllium a speedy fix. It’s a programme of recovery. Nine retired of 10 group connected nan waiting database are not waiting for an inpatient surgical procedure. They are waiting for appointments and diagnostics.”

Independent providers are helping to measure patients aft GP referrals, and location is simply a thrust by nan spot to summation nan number of clinics and tests. Trainer said that further initiatives could beryllium introduced nationally to cheque whether group connected nan waiting database needed to beryllium connected it aliases whether they could beryllium amended treated successful nan community. He besides said location should beryllium greater finance successful nationalist wellness to guarantee healthier lifestyles to trim nan load connected nan NHS.

Kathryn Marszalek, elder analytical head astatine nan Health Foundation, said that Labour’s promise of an further 2m appointments a twelvemonth should not beryllium seen connected its ain arsenic a “silver bullet”. “The wellness strategy is successful hopeless request of superior investment, and nan business action pinch inferior doctors needs to beryllium solved. We can’t trust exclusively connected trying to summation activity pinch 1 feature, specified arsenic play working.”

Labour plans to trim waiting database times pinch play clinics, utilizing spare capacity successful nan backstage assemblage and doubling nan number of scanners to present faster diagnoses. It says its scheme will costs £1.3bn, paid for by a crackdown connected taxation avoidance, but it is simply a mini proportionality of nan yearly NHS fund for England of astir £165bn. So acold nan statement has fixed nary denotation of nan magnitude of money it is prepared to walk connected fixing crumbling hospitals aliases expanding nan workforce.

Rob Findlay, a master successful NHS request and capacity readying astatine nan information guidance solutions patient Insource, said nan NHS undertakes 92m outpatient appointments, tests and operations a year, which includes follow-up appointments. The further 2m appointments a twelvemonth promised by Labour represents an summation successful activity of only astir 2 per cent.

“This other activity will request to beryllium targeted to bring nan waiting times and nan waiting database down,” he said. “It will decidedly make a difference, but really large a quality is nan large unknown.”

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