Iraqi Mandaeans thrive after being uprooted from Middle East to midwest

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In galore ways, Shahad Darwish’s life successful Michigan is conscionable for illustration anyone else’s. The 23-year-old is studying for a master’s grade successful psychology astatine a section assemblage and helps retired astatine her family’s jewelry business.

But successful different ways, it’s very different: Darwish is 1 of astir 3,000 Michigan-based Sabean Mandaeans, followers of John nan Baptist – and 1 of nan oldest surviving gnostic religions successful nan world.

Every July for 36 hours, Darwish and her family observe nan Mandaean caller twelvemonth vacation – karsa – wherever followers enactment indoors astatine location and are forbidden from utilizing moving water. She prays regular and erstwhile a week goes to nan mandi, nan Mandaean spot of believe wherever she volunteers. She’s learning to read, constitute and speak nan Mandaean language.

“It’s an important portion of our upbringing,” she said.

Mandaeans – who do not see themselves Christians contempt John nan Baptist’s reverence for Jesus – lived mostly successful towns and cities of confederate Iraq, their important belief and taste customs centering connected nan Tigris and Euphrates rivers.

But wars successful Iraq, including nan US-led penetration location successful 2003, changed that. About 85% of nan community’s estimated organization of 70,000 Mandaeans person fled nan country, pinch galore moving to neighboring Syria.

“Four guys came to my shop [in Baghdad] and stole everything and told maine I person to salary [them] different my family and I would beryllium kidnapped,” said Shahad’s father, Bashar Harbi Darwish, who fled Iraq pinch his family successful 2006.

A civilian warfare successful Syria that followed a celebrated uprising successful 2011 forced galore to move again. This time, they went to Australia, Europe and North America.

Today, Darwish runs a jewelry shop successful Warren, a suburb of Detroit, wherever he’s a starring personnel of 1 of nan largest US-based Mandaean communities.

Despite nan traumas it has endured, for him nan organization is successful nan midst of a revival.

“After we fled Iraq, we established much than 80 associations each complete nan world,” Darwish recounted recently. “The number of baptisms we do successful Europe each twelvemonth is possibly 10 times what we did successful Iraq earlier 2003.

“There are 5 aliases six Mandaean schools school nan caller generations successful Australia, nan US and Europe.”

A show held successful Michigan successful nan summertime of 2023 attracted much than 500 Mandaeans from crossed nan US and Canada, and astir 150 baptisms were held. The Mandaean community’s belief head, Sattar Jabbar Hilo, flew successful from Baghdad to oversee a big of important ceremonies.

That fuels further involvement, according to Bashar. “They want to beryllium baptized and joined by nan apical sheikh,” he said. “It’s a large point for your reputation.”

He said that to guarantee nan semipermanent viability of nan community, nan Mandaean Association of Michigan had taken measures to impact nan community’s younger members.

“Our committee of board is mostly made up of young people, astir of them person degrees – they person nan expertise to do much for our community,” he said.

But while getting retired of Iraq and Syria has saved lives, others reason nan resettlement strategies adopted by countries receiving Mandaeans has created caller problems for nan community.

About 15,000 Mandaeans are now thought to unrecorded successful Australia and Sweden, respectively, pinch astir 12,000 to 15,000 successful nan US. Several 1000 much person been resettled crossed nan Netherlands, Denmark, Canada and elsewhere.

For galore now successful nan US, a caller life has oftentimes meant being relocated hundreds of miles from nan nearest organization members.

“[The US government] saved america from nan Islamic fundamentalists successful Iraq, but you distributed america to 35 different states,” Suhaib Nashi, nan president of nan Mandaean Society of America, said. “The families are safe, but really tin they support their traditions erstwhile location are 3 families successful Ohio aliases Oklahoma?”

He added that nan organization had been cleansed having survived invasions, wars and forced conversions successful Iraq for much than 2,000 years, each nan while keeping live nan theology of nan Sumerians – nan earliest known literate nine – pinch whom they identified agelong earlier John nan Baptist became their cardinal prophet. He said he had asked US migration officials: “Don’t administer america for illustration soil successful nan air.”

A group of group wearing achromatic garments guidelines extracurricular by water.
Iraqi Mandaeans, who spot h2o arsenic an important portion of their lives, execute a belief ritual by nan Tigris River successful Baghdad, Iraq, connected 13 March 2024. Photograph: Anadolu/Getty Images

These and different threats to nan community’s future, specified arsenic forbidding Mandaeans from marrying extracurricular nan religion, person roiled fierce soul debate.

“There are nan blimpish and betterment sides conflicting now, and there’s nary clear imagination of what comes adjacent because this is simply a basal issue,” Nashi said.

Despite nan comparative calm successful Iraq, nan Mandaean community, which is thought to number astir 7,000 to 10,000 group mostly successful nan confederate regions of nan country, continues to beryllium targeted for violence. In March, an onslaught injured 2 Mandaeans and damaged a location of believe successful Maysan province.

Back successful nan US, Mandaeans person recorded immoderate measurement of occurrence successful altering resettlement policies. About 1,500 individuals person been capable to move together to nan metropolis of Worcester successful Massachusetts.

And successful Michigan, baptisms are now regularly held successful nan Clinton River, northbound of Detroit.

Michigan’s organization is preparing for different awesome gathering successful July that is expected to pull Mandaeans from arsenic acold distant arsenic Sweden, pinch nan number of planned weddings expected to astir double from six past year.

The alteration successful nan aerial is palpable, Shahad Darwish said.

“In nan past 2 years I’ve noticed nan younger procreation becoming much involved; they’re showing up to events more, creating caller events,” she said. “People bent retired astatine nan bowling alley aliases meet astatine each other’s houses.

“Before, it wasn’t really for illustration that.”

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