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Discovery Collection Cinsault, Breedekloof, South Africa 2023 (£10, Sainsbury’s) South Africa’s astir celebrated reddish grape assortment is almost surely pinotage. This isn’t, I’m afraid, wholly a bully point for Cape vino producers, since pinotage doesn’t person nan champion of reputations – or, to put it different way, a batch of it really isn’t very good. That’s a small harsh connected exemplary producers specified arsenic Kanonkop successful Stellenbosch, who person shown really bully pinotage tin beryllium successful their glorious Black Label Pinotage, a collector’s point that sits very adjacent to nan apical of South African wine’s level of good reds. But a fistful of exceptions aside, I’m ever happier erstwhile I spot nan sanction of 1 of pinotage’s genitor grape varieties, cinsault (pinot noir is nan different half of nan practice of a crossing created successful 1924) connected nan label. Cape cinsault, particularly erstwhile it’s originated from immoderate of nan country’s very aged bush vines, is much often than not a succulent joy, pinch Sainsbury’s newbie a typically savoury vino of reddish fruits, lukewarm world and freshly milled pepper.

Le Bijou de Sophie Valrose Coteaux de Béziers, France 2023 (£10.99, Waitrose) South Africa’s astir breathtaking winemakers are intelligibly excited astir cinsault: look for names specified arsenic Eben Sadie, Badenhorst, and Scions of Sinai for cinsault wines that are gorgeously expressive, and, pinch scents of fynbos and cranberry tartness, utterly distinctive, albeit successful a measurement that will entreaty to fans of nan lighter broadside of syrah successful places specified arsenic France’s bluish Rhône Valley aliases nan Languedoc, wherever nan assortment originates. Ironically, successful its homeland, cinsault has endured immoderate of nan reputational troubles that pinotage suffers successful South Africa: agelong considered a workhorse grape, it was mostly buried successful blends, galore of them undistinguished, successful cooperative caves crossed nan Midi. It’s still performing that domiciled successful reds crossed confederate France, but it is besides prized by rosé producers: it’s 1 of nan cardinal varieties successful nan classical rosé blend successful Provence and successful nan progressively high-quality ray pinks made successful nan aforesaid ray style further westbound successful nan Languedoc, specified arsenic nan winningly soft Le Bijou de Sophie Valrose.

Domaine Combe Blanche Cinsault d’Enfer, IGP Pays d’Oc, France 2021 (£19.99, As they are successful South Africa, eager producers successful nan Languedoc person go progressively skilled pinch single-varietal cinsault, producing characterful wines specified arsenic nan fluent, lively Cinsault d’Enfer, pinch its juicy berries and achromatic oliva tapenade. Adventurous winemakers person besides brought a caller lease of life to once-languishing aged cinsault vines successful Chile, notably successful nan confederate region of Itata, location of nan outstanding, fleet-footed Rogue Vine Grand Itata 2021 (from £17,;, a vino which besides includes a mini information of different Chilean rediscovered speciality, país. The oldest cinsault vines connected nan satellite whitethorn besides beryllium successful nan Americas. The Bechthold Vinyeard successful Lodi, California, was planted successful 1886 and has been farmed continuously ever since, and thecinsault vines that are now knocking connected 140 years aged are nan ground of nan astonishing, pale-coloured, ethereal delight that is Birichino Bechthold Vineyard Cinsault Old Vines 2021 (from £30.95,;

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