‘It’s not a game for us’: aboard the Labour battle bus with Angela Rayner

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Labour’s run autobus is rolling connected done nan outskirts of Manchester, and Angela Rayner is pointing astatine maine pinch mock outrage. “Tom! What person you done to my lettuce?” I’m not owning up and insist I ne'er moreover touched it. “Well, personification has done something,” she says suspiciously.

The rootlike has been dressed up to make it lucifer nan 1 that infamously triumphed successful nan Daily Star’s title to spot whether it could outlast Liz Truss arsenic premier minister. Labour’s lawman leader decrees it needs “surgery” and a mini cognition is performed to switch a missing googly eye. Then nan lettuce is put backmost successful a fridge that itself has go an improbable prima of this election.

It each began erstwhile Rayner told Sky News of her scheme for a 5,000-mile circuit of Britain connected her caller predetermination conflict bus, earlier adding, pinch cleanable deadpan comic timing: “You’re gonna emotion it – it’s sewage a fridge.” Both fridge and lettuce person since appeared successful a TikTok video filled pinch nan benignant of freewheeling tone that’s sometimes a spot absent from nan much buttoned-up attack Keir Starmer has taken to this campaign.

After nan autobus arrives successful Manchester, to beryllium greeted by a crowd of supporters, nan region’s mayor, Andy Burnham, compares Rayner to John Prescott, nan erstwhile lawman leader erstwhile famed for his predetermination autobus tours. The quality this time, he says, is: “Angela has nan expertise to link pinch group without really punching anybody.”

Indeed, successful Friday night’s BBC TV debate, she was restrained arsenic Tory force Penny Mordaunt many times goaded and interrupted her. But Rayner knows portion of her domiciled successful this predetermination is to lighten up Labour and, sitting connected nan backmost statement of nan autobus pinch her, nan adjacent show of down-to-earth humanity is ne'er acold away. At 1 point, she wrinkles her chemoreceptor astatine immoderate nutrient connected nan table. “Is it vegan?” she asks. After being reassured it contains each kinds of animal products (that lettuce really is conscionable for show) she bites into a pie. “Oh, look astatine that. Ham! A spot of existent ham!”

Rayner past opens her arms wide and describes emotion “unleashed” now she’s been cleared by nan police of immoderate criminal wrongdoing complete nan waste of her erstwhile assembly location successful Stockport. But those weeks erstwhile she was nether investigation person intelligibly been bruising. The contention fuelled what sometimes seems for illustration a prurient liking successful her individual life and surviving arrangements that included getting pregnant pinch her first kid earlier her GCSEs and past having 2 much pinch her now ex-husband.

She thinks governmental opponents conscionable “want maine to enactment successful my lane and show me, get backmost successful your place”. She adds: “It’s horrible to person group telling you that you’re not each correct successful really you speak aliases behaviour yourself. They effort to make you consciousness you don’t belong. I’ve ever felt for illustration I had to beryllium myself. As a young mother I sewage nan aforesaid reside from nan lodging department. It’s different if you person a kid successful your 20s but astatine 16, group judge you. I had to beryllium I could look aft my child.”

There was hypocrisy, she says, successful nan attacks connected her by very able men whose non-domiciled position had allowed them to debar – legally – paying galore millions of pounds much successful taxation than nan comparatively mini sum she was accused of dodging. “When I bought my house, I had an property supplier and a conveyancing solicitor,” she points out. “That’s what normal moving group do. I didn’t person loads of taxation advisers and accountants.”

Does she fancy moving into different shape of nationalist housing, specified arsenic nan stately location of Dorneywood, usually fixed to those holding nan station of lawman premier minister? “I haven’t moreover thought astir that. I emotion my small level successful London.” She’s not going to make nan correction of “measuring nan curtains” for powerfulness erstwhile nan predetermination is not won yet and, successful immoderate lawsuit successful a spot for illustration that, “it’d beryllium rather a batch of curtains, wouldn’t it?”

Rayner is astatine pains to contradict that nan evident opposition successful style betwixt her and Starmer represents much profound differences of nan benignant they had successful 2021, erstwhile she recovered retired from nan media that he was trying to demote her. Indeed, nan patient support he gave Rayner erstwhile she was nether onslaught precocious has, according to some sides, strengthened a narration which helps support nan party’s large shelter upright.

“We activity good together,” she says, “we person each other’s backs and person a spot of banter now. Sometimes he’ll show maine I’m incorrect connected immoderate rumor and sometimes I’ll show him. When you’re looking astatine a problem, you don’t conscionable want yes group astir you. Questioning each different is good.”

Even so, location person been claims successful this run that she’s undermining Starmer, first by publically backing Diane Abbott’s correct to beryllium a Labour candidate, past proclaiming she wanted multilateral disarmament connected nan time he was seeking to emphasise Labour’s support for Britain having atomic weapons.

“Keir and maine aren’t successful a different spot pinch respect to Diane,” she says, earlier going connected to picture really nan Labour leader would ne'er person authorised nan anonymous briefing suggesting Abbott was banned from standing. “I benignant of cognize really he ticks and that’s not really he conducts himself. He’s a stickler for pursuing nan rules.” Is it existent she telephoned Faiza Shaheen, different leftwinger who – dissimilar Abbott – has been blocked from standing? “I’m not going to get into what individual conversations I have,” replies Rayner, suddenly stiffening.

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On atomic weapons, she expresses astonishment that anyone would deliberation her remarks were controversial. “Margaret Thatcher was a multilateralist,” says Rayner, arsenic she insists that voting against renewing Trident 8 years agone didn’t make her a unilateralist. “I would sincerely dream that each leader would want a world wherever we didn’t person these weapons, but we now unrecorded successful 1 wherever there’s Putin and we person to person our nuclear deterrent.”

This is portion of nan superior broadside to her which is excessively easy ignored. For instance, it is noteworthy that personification seemingly arsenic tribal arsenic Rayner wants to person a gathering pinch Michael Gove – “old Govey” arsenic she calls nan levelling up caput – astir lodging argumentation now that he has announced that he is to discontinue frontline politics.

“I really respect him successful immoderate ways. He identified immoderate of nan problems and solutions. He wanted to do immoderate things connected readying reform, but nan Tory MPs stopped him.”

Then she breaks into a grin again arsenic she adds: “Both maine and Michael like a disco, don’t we? He could salary nan fiver for maine to get successful and we could person a disco together afterwards.”

‘That is simply a lie’: Rayner and Mordaunt conflict complete £2k Tory taxation declare – video

In government, location will beryllium little room for jokes and dancing. “If we triumph connected July nan fourth, nan existent activity originates connected July nan fifth. I’ve sewage nary vacation booked for nan summer. The opportunity to make alteration could travel and spell quickly. Keir won’t person america astir nan array if we’re not up for it.”

She points retired that this is nan astir working-class protector furniture successful a generation. It’s not conscionable her and Starmer, but besides group specified arsenic Bridget Phillipson, who was brought up connected benefits by a azygous mother and is “passionate astir education” because “she knows what it did for her”.

Rayner past pauses and looks consecutive up arsenic she adds: “It makes america consciousness this existent consciousness of responsibility. This is not a crippled for us.”

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