‘It’s real and it’s deep’: I Kissed a Girl hailed as a TV gamechanger

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The deed making love show I Kissed a Girl (IKAG) will beryllium a “reference point” for early practice of LGBTQ+ group connected reality TV, a BBC controller has said. The Love Island-style show, which featured only women and was presented by Dannii Minogue, concluded its first play past weekend.

It was a spin-off of past year’s I Kissed a Boy (IKAB), nan UK’s first cheery making love show, which past period nan BBC announced has been commissioned for a 2nd series.

Fiona Campbell, controller of BBC iPlayer, younker assemblage and BBC Three, said IKAG had seen nan highest proportionality of viewers nether nan property of 35 successful nan past week of immoderate show connected nan BBC’s streaming platform.

“Clips sewage 15m views crossed each BBC societal media accounts, which is up location pinch existing large shows specified arsenic The Young Offenders,” said Campbell.

“I deliberation it astir apt will alteration speech astir reality shows going guardant … it will ever go a reference constituent successful producers’ and broadcasters’ origination conversations.”

Cara, Naee, Meg and Lailah opinionated beside a swimming pool
Cara, Naee, Meg and Lailah successful I Kissed a Girl Photograph: Screen Grab/BBC/Twofour

Last month, US TV web Hulu acquired some seasons of IKAB and IKAG. “I deliberation that conscionable shows really acold that editorial speech has gone – correct to America. Because cipher had really done [LGBTQ+ reality TV] before,” said Campbell.

The fame of nan bid showed nan request for LGBTQ+ practice successful nan genre, she added.

The show sees 10 azygous women participate nan Masseria, a villa successful Italy, successful nan dream of uncovering love, and statesman by sharing a kiss. Over 9 episodes and a reunion, immoderate contestants are eliminated and immoderate caller ones arrive.

Contestants said they were proud to beryllium portion of nan show. Thea Hallow, who entered IKAG connected section five, said: “I’ve ne'er seen anyone for illustration maine represented before. We weren’t [presented as] stereotypes … I can’t deliberation of anyone who is dark-skinned, Black, femme and queer who’s been connected TV aliases anywhere. I dream that we tin enactment arsenic practice and that group tin beryllium much bold astir who they are successful immoderate field.”

Hallow said she had not expected specified a affirmative response. “The effect has been monolithic and I’ve received truthful galore beautiful messages from fans of IKAG. I dream nan intermezo manufacture besides sees there’s a desire for this type of divers representation.”

Amy Spalding, different contestant, said: “I’ll beryllium cycling connected a Lime motorcycle and group will emblem maine down – it’s crazy. I’ve had group connection maine saying they felt comfortable capable to travel retired to their parents. People person besides said: ‘I’ve ever been told that I’m excessively much, but watching you connected nan show has made maine realise that I should emotion myself and that personification will emotion maine for me’ … it makes maine outcry almost daily.”

Lindsay McGlone, a queer integer contented creator and burlesque arena producer, said nan show had been groundbreaking. “You don’t spot queer representations that aren’t sensationalised aliases made into a tabloid-feel caricature. With nan queer community, there’s a rawness of emotions and a large accent connected relationship and comradeship. You spot that successful nan show, and you almost consciousness that you are successful nan show pinch them. They’re each sharing experiences that consciousness truthful existent and existent to a batch of us.”

Rebecca Hall, 24, is simply a instrumentality of nan series. She said: “It was juicy, it was spicy, and who doesn’t emotion cheery gossip? But besides location were truthful galore important conversations betwixt nan contestants. For example, erstwhile Georgia [Robert] said astir why immoderate group find it important to explanation themselves lesbian alternatively of queer. It was bully to spot this connected a reality TV show.”

Dan Gray, 1 of nan executive producers of nan series, said location were LGBTQ+ women successful elder roles passim production, including casting nan contestants. The producers besides took input from nan contestants themselves, he said.

“The process taught maine a batch astir nan civilization of queer women. During casting, nan girls who were auditioning and interviewing kept talking astir their making love ‘red flags’, unprompted. We incorporated nan conception of reddish flags into a ‘challenge’ connected nan show. We wanted things for illustration that reflected.”

McGlone said it was important to show LGBTQ+ civilization to a caller audience. “Heterosexual group would really use from seeing really connected and organization focused we are. It’s not ever sexualised, and it is existent and deep. It was specified a joyousness to watch.”

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