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Judge orders Steve Bannon to statesman situation condemnation by 1 July

A national judge has ordered Steve Bannon, a far-right strategist and Donald Trump ally, to study to situation by 1 July to statesman serving his condemnation for contempt of Congress, Reuters reports.

Bannon was convicted successful 2022 for ignoring a summons from nan bipartisan House committee that investigated nan January 6 insurrection, and his four-month condemnation was upheld by an appeals tribunal past month. Here’s much connected nan long-running ineligible saga:

This station has been corrected to statement that Bannon must statesman serving his condemnation by 1 July, not connected 1 July.

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Joe Biden criticized nan world criminal tribunal past month, aft its main prosecutor, Karim Kham, requested apprehension warrants for 2 of Israel’s apical leaders complete their actions during nan warfare successful Gaza.

That did not beryllium good pinch character George Clooney, whose wife, Amal Clooney, worked connected nan case. He called up nan White House to make his displeasure known, the Washington Post reports:

Clooney called Steve Ricchetti, counsellor to nan president, to definitive interest astir Biden’s denunciation of apprehension warrants sought by ICC prosecutors for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, particularly his usage of nan connection “outrageous.” The prosecutors besides sought warrants for apical Hamas leaders.

The character was besides upset astir nan administration’s first openness to imposing sanctions connected nan ICC because his woman mightiness beryllium taxable to nan penalties, nan group said, speaking connected nan information of anonymity to talk a backstage conversation.

Clooney’s telephone came conscionable weeks earlier he is group to look astatine a fundraiser for Biden’s reelection run adjacent Saturday successful Los Angeles. His concerns dispersed passim Biden’s orbit, leaving immoderate officials to interest that nan high-profile character would retreat from participating successful nan marquee fundraiser, which will besides characteristic erstwhile president Barack Obama, late-night TV big Jimmy Kimmel and character Julia Roberts.

Biden has supported Israel’s consequence to nan 7 October 2023 Hamas attack, contempt a activity of protests from activists upset by nan civilian toll caused nan penetration of Gaza. Here’s much astir why nan president objected to nan ICC main prosecutor’s apprehension warrant application:

Johnson’s connection comes aft a caller study from nan Washington Post which revealed that Israeli combatant jets utilized US munitions to onslaught a UN schoolhouse located successful Gaza connected Thursday.

Two weapons experts verified nan weapons’ type to nan Post, utilizing footage of debris from nan attack.

Here’s much from nan Post’s Louisa Loveluck, Niha Masih, Hajar Harb, Kyle Melnick and Miriam Berger:

Israeli combatant jets look to person utilized US-made munitions successful a onslaught that killed dozens of group wrong a UN schoolhouse successful nan cardinal Gaza Strip connected Thursday, according to 2 weapons experts who examined verified footage from nan debris.

The chemoreceptor cones of 2 GBU-39 mini diameter bombs were visible successful footage taken by an eyewitness, Emad Abu Shawish, successful nan aftermath of nan onslaught successful nan Nuseirat exile camp. His images were verified by Storyful and independently geolocated by nan Washington Post.

An Israel Defense Forces spokesperson said nan strikes targeted a gathering of militants astatine nan school. But nan installation was besides packed pinch thousands of civilians displaced by nan war, according to nan United Nations Relief and Works Agency, which immunodeficiency Palestinian refugees.

The Gaza Health Ministry said 40 group were killed, including 14 children and 9 women, and 74 others were wounded. Khalil al-Degran, spokesperson for nan al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital successful adjacent Deir al-Balah, said that nan bodies of children killed successful nan onslaught were brought to his facility.

Read nan afloat article here (paywall).

Johnson’s request for Biden came aft Israel launched airstrikes against a exile campy successful Rafah during nan Memorial Day weekend, an onslaught that killed dozens of group and was wide condemned by nan world community.

Here are Johnson’s afloat remarks, disposable here:

The NAACP has, and continues to definitive our profound sympathy to civilians whose lives person been unjustly impacted successful nan crossfire of conflict. What happened connected October 7 was a tragedy, and it is our dream that those pinch loved ones still successful captivity are reunited arsenic expeditiously arsenic possible.

As nan nation’s starring civilian authorities organization, it is our work to speak retired successful nan look of injustice and activity to clasp our elected officials accountable for nan promises they’ve made. Over nan past months, we person been forced to carnivore witnesser to unspeakable violence, affecting guiltless civilians, which is unacceptable. The astir caller connection from nan Biden management is useful but does not spell acold enough. It is 1 point to telephone for a ceasefire, it is different to return nan measures basal to activity towards liberation for all. Decades of conflict bespeak that factions wrong Israel and Hamas actively activity against solution of nan conflict. The latest connection must explain nan consequences of continued violence. The United States and nan world organization must beryllium consenting to propulsion nan levers of powerfulness erstwhile due to beforehand liberation for all.

The Middle East conflict will only beryllium resolved erstwhile nan US authorities and world organization return action, including limiting entree to weapons utilized against civilians. The NAACP calls connected President Biden to tie nan reddish statement and indefinitely extremity nan shipment of weapons and artillery to nan authorities of Israel and different states that proviso weapons to Hamas and different violent organizations. It is imperative that nan unit that has claimed truthful galore civilian lives, instantly stop. Hamas must return nan hostages and extremity each violent activity. Israel must perpetrate to an violative strategy that is aligned pinch international and humanitarian laws. Peace and information for Israelis and Palestinians tin only align erstwhile nan humanity and communal needs of group wrong nan region are respected. Centuries of conflict bespeak that unit results successful much violence. The spillover effect successful nan United States is much racism, antisemitism and Islamophobia.

The president of nan NAACP (National Association for nan Advancement of Colored People) has asked Joe Biden to extremity nan shipment of each weapons and artillery to Israel, in a caller station to X.

Derrick Johnson, who has led nan civilian authorities statement since 2017, made nan request arsenic much than 35,000 Palestinian group person been killed by Israel’s attacks against nan territory.

Johnson said:

We’re calling connected [Biden] to tie nan reddish statement and extremity nan shipment of each weapons and artillery to Israel. It is imperative that nan unit that has claimed truthful galore civilian lives comes to an extremity immediately.

The time truthful far

Almost 2 years aft he was first recovered blameworthy of contempt of Congress for defying a lawsuit from nan January 6 committee, a national judge coming ordered Steve Bannon, an influential fig successful Donald Trump’s Maga movement, to statesman serving his four-month condemnation by 1 July. In a defiant reside extracurricular nan courthouse, he accused nan justness section of utilizing his lawsuit to retaliate against Trump, and predicted a large triumph for Republicans successful nan November statesmanlike election. Speaking of Trump, nan erstwhile president gave an interview to Fox News past night, wherever he based on he “would person each correct to spell after” governmental adversaries for illustration Joe Biden, if he is returned to nan White House. In response, nan Biden run said Trump was “visibly rattled” by his condemnation past week connected felony business fraud charges.

Here’s what other has happened coming truthful far:

  • The ultimate court released a caller batch of opinions, which did not see much-awaited decisions connected Trump’s petition for immunity from national prosecution complete his 2020 predetermination meddling, and 2 cases dealing pinch abortion access.

  • Trump called for nan ultimate tribunal to overturn his condemnation connected felony charges connected to falsifying documents related to hush-money payments made up of nan 2016 election.

  • Hunter Biden’s national weapon charges proceedings continues successful Delaware, pinch grounds from nan widow of his precocious brother, Beau Biden.

'This is astir shutting down nan Maga movement,' Bannon says aft judge orders him to jail

Speaking extracurricular nan courthouse, Steve Bannon vowed to entreaty his jailhouse condemnation to nan ultimate court, and accused nan justness section of pursuing him arsenic a measurement to retaliate against Donald Trump.

“They’re not going to unopen up Trump, they’re not going to unopen up Navarro, they’re not going to unopen up Bannon, and they’re surely not going to unopen up Maga,” said Bannon. He was referring to Peter Navarro, a erstwhile Trump White House waste and acquisition adviser, who is serving a akin situation sentence connected contempt of Congress charges.

Bannon went connected to foretell an overwhelming triumph successful nan November statesmanlike election:

All of this is astir 1 thing. This is astir shutting down nan Maga movement, shutting down grassroots conservatives, shutting down President Trump. Not only are we winning, we are going to prevail, and each number and each canvass shows that. There’s thing that tin unopen maine up and thing that will unopen maine up … There’s not a situation built, aliases a jailhouse built that will ever unopen maine up.

All triumph to Maga. We’re going to triumph this, we’re going to triumph astatine nan ultimate court, and much importantly, we’re going to triumph connected November 5 an astonishing landslide, pinch nan Senate, nan House and besides Donald J Trump backmost arsenic president United States.

After a national judge revoked Steve Bannon’s bail and ordered him to statesman serving his situation word by 1 July, he held a little property convention extracurricular Washington DC’s national courthouse.

Before he began speaking, a protester holding up a motion reference “lock him up” shouted “Get retired of my way” astatine Bannon’s information guards, who were keeping him distant from nan erstwhile Donald Trump White House adviser.

Judge orders Steve Bannon to statesman situation condemnation by 1 July

A national judge has ordered Steve Bannon, a far-right strategist and Donald Trump ally, to study to situation by 1 July to statesman serving his condemnation for contempt of Congress, Reuters reports.

Bannon was convicted successful 2022 for ignoring a summons from nan bipartisan House committee that investigated nan January 6 insurrection, and his four-month condemnation was upheld by an appeals tribunal past month. Here’s much connected nan long-running ineligible saga:

This station has been corrected to statement that Bannon must statesman serving his condemnation by 1 July, not connected 1 July.

Meanwhile, successful Congress, Donald Trump has orchestrated nan assignment of 2 friends to nan House intelligence committee, which deals pinch immoderate of nan astir delicate accusation nan US authorities possesses. Here’s more, from nan Guardian’s Robert Tait:

Two far-right Republicans person been appointed to nan highly delicate House of Representatives intelligence committee astatine nan guidance of Donald Trump, a move apt to antagonise nan information establishment.

Representatives Scott Perry of Pennsylvania and Ronny Jackson of Texas, known for their fierce loyalty to Trump and vocal support of his efforts to overturn nan 2020 statesmanlike predetermination result, were installed by nan House speaker, Mike Johnson, up of different qualified GOP members and apparently without consulting nan body’s chair, Mike Turner.

Turner has sought to reconstruct nan committee’s bipartisan characteristic pursuing years of bitter statement infighting betwixt Republicans and Democrats.

The appointments of Perry and Jackson to a committee that helps to style US overseas argumentation and oversees intelligence agencies specified arsenic nan FBI and nan CIA has caused consternation connected Capitol Hill. It besides signals Trump’s hostility to organisations that he has vowed to purge if he is re-elected.

Adam Kinzinger, a erstwhile Republican congressman who served connected nan House prime committee that investigated nan 6 January 2021 onslaught connected nan US Capitol, called nan move “insane” connected a societal media post.

The brace were appointed to slots opened up by nan resignations from Congress of Mike Gallagher of Wisconsin and Chris Stewart of Utah.

Joe Biden is besides dealing pinch immoderate unwelcome ineligible attention. His son, Hunter Biden, is connected proceedings successful Delaware connected national weapon charges, and nan Associated Press reports that nan widow of nan president’s precocious boy Beau Biden took nan guidelines today:

Testifying successful Hunter Biden’s national weapon trial, Hallie Biden – nan widow of Joe Biden’s oldest son, Beau – described panicking aft uncovering a weapon successful his truck.

“I panicked and I wanted to get free of them,” she testified astir uncovering a weapon and ammunition successful nan console of Hunter Biden’s motortruck successful October 2018.

Prosecutor Leo Wise asked why she panicked, and Hallie responded: “Because I didn’t want him to wounded himself, and I didn’t want my kids to find it and wounded themselves.”

Hallie said she considered hiding nan weapon but thought her kids mightiness find it. She past decided to propulsion it away.

“I was acrophobic to touch it. I didn’t cognize if it was loaded,” Hallie said.

She put nan weapon successful a leather pouch, stuffed it successful a shopping bag, and tossed it successful a trash tin extracurricular an upscale market marketplace adjacent her house.

The prosecution played surveillance footage showing Hallie dumping nan weapon successful nan trash.

While Donald Trump’s felony business fraud proceedings successful New York concluded past week pinch a blameworthy verdict, different prosecutions of nan erstwhile president person stalled. Yesterday, an appeals tribunal successful Georgia put his proceedings connected predetermination fraud charges connected hold, apt until aft nan 2024 election, nan Guardian’s George Chidi reports:

The Georgia tribunal of appeals has put a clasp connected nan proceedings of Donald Trump and different defendants while it considers whether to disqualify nan Fulton region territory attorney, Fani Willis, nan lead charismatic successful nan case.

Trump had appealed an bid by nan Fulton region superior tribunal judge Scott McAfee that declined to disqualify Willis aft bombshell revelations astir a romanticist narration pinch her chosen typical prosecutor. As portion of their effort to disregard nan case, Trump and his co-defendants alleged Willis’s narration meant she should beryllium recused from nan case.

On Monday, nan appeals tribunal selected a three-judge sheet to perceive nan entreaty and docketed nan lawsuit to beryllium heard successful October. Then connected Wednesday, nan tribunal paused nan lawsuit while this statement plays out.

Both Trump’s lawyer Steve Sadow and a spokesperson for Willis’s agency declined to remark connected nan court’s order.

The bid staying nan lawsuit successful Fulton region fundamentally ensures that nan erstwhile president will not beryllium tried connected charges of predetermination interference and racketeering successful Georgia earlier nan November election.

“The history books will look backmost connected what nan state mislaid by not having a televised proceedings earlier November 2024 and historians will wonderment what Fani Wills was thinking. And they’ll conscionable scratch their heads,” said Anthony Michael Kreis, a law rule professor successful Georgia and a adjacent perceiver of nan case. “I don’t cognize really overmuch Judge McAfee could person done betwixt now and nan appeal’s pendency anyway. But nan existent nonaccomplishment is McAfee’s expertise to woody pinch nan mobility of statesmanlike immunity and nan supremacy clause complete nan summer.”

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