Lancashire childminder pleads guilty to manslaughter of baby boy in her care

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A Lancashire childminder has pleaded blameworthy to nan manslaughter of a babe boy successful her care.

Karen Foster, 62, was owed to guidelines proceedings astatine Preston crown tribunal for nan execution of nine-month-old Harlow Collinge successful March 2022. But earlier a assemblage being sworn successful connected Friday, she pleaded blameworthy to his manslaughter.

The Crown Prosecution Service accepted nan plea aft discussions pinch Harlow’s family.

The tribunal heard that “forceful shaking” of nan babe had led to his death.The tribunal was told that Foster shook Harlow successful vexation aft he had toppled complete retired of his precocious chair and begun crying.

He was described arsenic a “healthy and happy boy” earlier he suffered traumatic injuries while nether Foster’s care.

He had been dropped disconnected astatine her reside successful Hapton, adjacent Burnley successful Lancashire, connected 1 March 2022.

Later that time Foster phoned 999 and told nan usability that Harlow was not breathing, nan tribunal was told. She later told a paramedic he had abruptly collapsed. Harlow was taken to infirmary but died 4 days later.

In ineligible statement earlier this week nan tribunal heard a CT scan of Harlow’s caput had showed important injuries to his brain, pinch bleeding connected some sides and swelling.

Addressing Foster, who appeared successful nan dock pinch crutches, wearing a achromatic garment and achromatic jacket, nan judge, Mr Justice Cotter, said: “I americium judge you person been advised that nan apt condemnation is 1 of a important play successful custody and you should beryllium good alert of that.”

Foster, a registered childminder pinch 9 years’ experience, was further remanded successful custody. She will beryllium sentenced astatine nan aforesaid tribunal adjacent Thursday morning.

Foster besides faced a further allegation of assaulting a two-year-old woman successful her attraction successful 2019.

The prosecutor, Anne Whyte KC, told nan judge nan crown would inquire for that count to dishonesty connected file.

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