Liverpool chairman ‘determined’ to see Premier League games played in USA

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The Liverpool president Tom Werner says he is “determined” to spot a Premier League lucifer played successful New York and wants fixtures moved to different locations astir nan world.

The conception of having home games played overseas is simply a contentious 1 and location are presently nary plans to enact specified an idea. Fifa, however, will launch a moving group to make recommendations connected nan matter, taking it 1 measurement person to realisation.

“I’m wished 1 time to person a Premier League crippled beryllium played successful New York City,” Werner told nan Financial Times. “I moreover person nan benignant of crazy thought that location would beryllium a time wherever we play 1 crippled successful Tokyo, 1 crippled a fewer hours later successful Los Angeles, 1 crippled a fewer hours later successful Rio, 1 crippled a fewer hours later successful Riyadh and make it benignant of a time wherever football, wherever nan Premier League, is celebrated.”

In bid to appease home fans, Werner suggests they tin beryllium compensated pinch inexpensive recreation and accommodation successful bid to be matches taking spot successful overseas countries. In nan aforesaid interview, however, Liverpool proprietor John Henry said nan thought was “not thing that I advocator aliases americium peculiarly willing in”.

Sixteen years agone nan Premier League made a connection for a 39th crippled to beryllium played astatine locations extracurricular of nan United Kingdom but was forced to cancel it aft guidance from Fifa.

Tom Werner
Tom Werner (centre) astatine Anfield for Liverpool’s lucifer against Wolves successful May 2024. Photograph: Peter Byrne/PA

It is not presently permitted for convention matches to return spot successful different state but changes to nan rules became imaginable aft Fifa settled a ineligible dispute pinch nan American promoters Relevent Sports. Fifa confirmed it had reached an statement “pending … information of changes to existing Fifa policies pinch respect to playing charismatic play games extracurricular of a league’s location territory”.

Premier League clubs regularly sojourn nan USA for pre-season tours. Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool pinch each recreation to nan state this summertime for friendlies. United played Arsenal astatine nan MetLife Stadium successful New Jersey successful beforehand of a crowd of 82,262, indicating nan appetite for shot successful nan country.

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La Liga wants to move matches to different countries by 2025 and galore awesome clubs are willing successful specified a connection arsenic they look to maximise revenues by tapping into caller markets.

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