Love Island fans sample cast members’ secondhand style

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When Love Island returned to TV this week for its eleventh series, nan headlines were dominated by nan summation of nan first ever personage contestant, ex-Towie prima Joey Essex. But nan WhatsApp conversations person already turned to acquainted territory – what nan Islanders are wearing.

Taking spot successful Mallorca, nan typically young, typically honed Islanders walk their days successful skimpy swimwear gossiping astir different members of nan show, flirting and arguing. In nan evening, they do nan same, but having adopted a “go difficult aliases spell home” attack to dressing up, pinch nan women successful dresses pinch midriff-revealing cut-outs, harvest tops and boob tubes.

These apparel are, almost without fail, accompanied by vertiginous heels to gingerly locomotion from nan excavation to nan signature Love Island location – nan occurrence pit. Placed successful couples from nan start, 12 Islanders conflict it retired – and move allegiances – pinch 1 mates yet crowned nan winner. With six episodes a week complete 8 weeks, nan sheer number of outfits connected show is dizzying.

Tasha Ghouri successful nan Versace two-piece connected Love Island.
Tasha Ghouri successful nan Versace two-piece connected Love Island. Photograph: Love Island

If these apparel were antecedently provided by accelerated manner retailers for illustration I Saw It First, they person been provided by eBay since 2022. This was a monolithic displacement from nan show’s antecedently criticised endorsement of accelerated manner brands. Secondhand – aliases pre-loved – apparel now dominate. With dressed-up labels for illustration House of CB and Meshki mixed successful pinch 90s Versace, nan glamour quotient remains high.

Love Island is simply a breeding crushed for trends – from water bottles successful 2017 to name necklaces successful 2021 and varsity jackets past twelvemonth – but it’s nan superior glitter that captivates.

This week, eBay had a pop-up arena successful eastbound London called nan Shared Wardrobe, wherever fans of nan show swapped a portion of their aged clothing for thing perchance worn by a erstwhile Islander, enjoying nan skills of Amy Bannerman, nan show’s stylist.

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Lauren Cochrane, dressed arsenic herself.
Lauren Cochrane, earlier her Love Island makeover. Photograph: Sarah Lee/The Guardian

I deterioration a batch of secondhand apparel and truthful disconnected I went successful a achromatic skirt recovered connected a Halloween obstruction of a kindness shop, a much-loved B-52s T-shirt and platform shoes bought connected Vinted. Within minutes, and pinch nan thief of immoderate Barbie-adjacent sequined pinkish mules, I americium transformed – and supremely uncomfortable.

Bannerman picks retired a sequined outfit, consisting of a deceptively short skirt and bikini-top sized top. Unused to showing truthful overmuch tegument – legs and tummy – I americium thankful to dive into an 80s denim bomber overgarment (the stylist says denim will beryllium large this series).

The vintage Versace 2 portion antecedently worn by Islanders including Tasha Ghouri is better. I emotion nan colour and nan communicative that nan original proprietor contacted Bannerman aft seeing it worn connected nan series. Grooming levels and property aside, I consciousness fresh for my occurrence pit moment. Even if I can’t really beryllium down without flashing my underwear.

Lauren Cochrane wears a sequined harvest apical and mini skirt, and denim bomber jacket.
Lauren Cochrane wears an outfit picked retired by Amy Bannerman, Love Island stylist. Photograph: Sarah Lee/The Guardian

Bannerman says Islanders were initially sceptical of secondhand clothes. “We were trading it successful a small spot more,” she says. “Now, nan full cognition has wholly changed.” She says there’s still request for a definite look. “They ever want to look for illustration they’re going retired … nan glitter factor. We person power to a definite degree, but we’re led by them arsenic pinch nan cut-out dresses. That’s their thing, truthful we springiness them what they want.”

The wider request for secondhand has grown exponentially: WGSN reported successful March that 40% of Gen Z shop secondhand. Things for illustration nan Love Island business are important to this - because nan Islanders show that secondhand doesn’t person to mean my aged set T-shirt. “We cognize that from an biology constituent of view, saturation is specified that almost thing is really going to make a dent,” says Orsola de Castro, co-founder of people-and-planet organisation Fashion Revolution. “This is nan biggest fuck you to nan accelerated manner manufacture I’ve ever seen.”

Of course, nan Islanders are not beholden to secondhand apparel erstwhile they time off nan show. Although 2022’s Tasha Ghouri became an eBay ambassador, others person signed deals pinch accelerated manner brands specified arsenic Boohoo, In The Style and Pretty Little Thing.

Love Island has besides seen viewing figures drop from a precocious of six cardinal successful 2019 to 1.3 cardinal for nan last successful 2023 truthful nan effect of what they deterioration whitethorn beryllium dwindling. But, de Castro says, nan displacement has already been made. “Six years ago, I did a task pinch schoolchildren astir nan effect of inexpensive clothing,” she says. “Every azygous 1 of them pledged to bargain much secondhand. If that happened coming cipher would beryllium [pledging] that, because they would each beryllium doing it already.”

As for me, it was thing of a alleviation to alteration backmost into my ain return connected secondhand. I emotion Love Island and respect nan Islanders’ committedness to glam. But comfortableness – and set T-shirts – will ever beryllium much my speed.

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