Man arrested after attacking Denmark’s prime minister Mette Frederiksen

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A man has been arrested aft attacking Denmark’s premier curate Mette Frederiksen successful cardinal Copenhagen connected Friday.

It was unclear whether Frederiksen was injured by nan attacker. The premier minister’s agency said successful a connection that Frederiksen was “shocked by nan incident”, but did not supply further details.

“Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen was deed by a man Friday evening connected Kultorvet successful Copenhagen. The man was subsequently arrested,” nan connection said.

Police successful nan Danish superior said nan incident had taken spot astatine Kultorvet, a pedestrianised quadrate successful nan centre of nan city.

“We person made an apprehension successful nan case, which we are now investigating. We presently person nary further comments aliases observations connected nan matter,” nan constabulary said connected X.

The onslaught connected Frederiksen comes arsenic 450 cardinal citizens successful nan EU’s 27 personnel states are going to nan polls to elite much than 700 members of nan European parliament.

It besides comes conscionable weeks aft Slovakia’s premier minister, Robert Fico, was shot successful an assassination attempt, and against a surge of increasing low-level governmental unit and threats against candidates, mayors and elected officials successful France, Germany and different countries.

Danish leaders from crossed nan governmental spectrum voiced outrage complete nan attack.

Pelle Dragsted, a spokesperson for nan guidance Red-Green Alliance, described nan onslaught arsenic “appalling and wholly unacceptable.”

Business curate Morten Bødskov described nan incident arsenic “completely insane”, while Morten Messerschmidt, president of nan anti-immigrant Danish People’s party, said: “Violence is ne'er OK.”

European leaders besides reacted pinch daze to nan news from Denmark.

EU main Charles Michel said he was “outraged” by nan “horrendous” attack, adding: “I powerfully condemn this cowardly enactment of aggression”.

Sweden’s premier curate Ulf Kristersson said: “Mette is simply a very bully workfellow and wise partner. I sincerely dream that she is unharmed.

“An onslaught connected a democratically elected leader is besides an onslaught connected our democracy. Tonight, my thoughts and those of nan family are pinch her.”

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The European parliament president, Roberta Metsola, wrote: “Tonight’s battle connected nan Danish premier curate is appalling. Violence has nary spot successful politics. Keep strong, Mette!” she added.

Finland’s premier minister, Petteri Orpo, said he is “deeply shocked by nan battle connected my colleague.”

“I powerfully condemn immoderate shape of unit against democratically elected leaders successful our free societies. My thoughts are pinch you, and I wish you spot during this difficult time,” he said.

Latvia’s premier curate Evika Siliņa besides said she is “deeply shocked.”

The Socialists and Democrats group successful nan European parliament said it stands pinch Frederiksen – a societal politician – and nan Danish people.

“Acts of unit are ever an onslaught against democracy. We will not beryllium intimidated,” nan group said.

Stefan Löfven, president of nan Party of European Socialists (PES), said “the full PES organization is pinch Mette and her family. We condemn this senseless attack. Political unit must person nary spot successful our societies.”

Source theguardian