Man linked to viral dress jailed for domestic abuse

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A man who gained online fame complete a societal media station astir a dress that immoderate group saw arsenic achromatic and bluish and others said was achromatic and gold, has been jailed for four-and-a-half years for home abuse.

Keir Johnston, who was accused of assaulting his wife, Grace, during years of abuse, was recovered to person pinned her to nan crushed and choked her during an statement astatine their location connected Colonsay, an land successful nan Inner Hebrides, successful March 2022.

The precocious tribunal successful Glasgow heard that Johnston only released her from his grip erstwhile a witnesser intervened, and that he past struggled pinch Grace a 2nd clip earlier brandishing a weapon and shouting: “Somebody is going to die”.

The mates and Grace’s mother, Cecilia Bleasdale, became celebrated successful 2015 for nan image of nan dress nan second wore to their wedding. It was said to person “broken nan internet” erstwhile millions viewed it.

The tribunal heard nan mates had had a “volatile” narration and that Johnston became enraged pinch his woman astatine their location during an argument, tackled her to nan crushed and strangled her utilizing some hands.

He was said to person maintained unit connected her cervix until nan witnesser rushed astatine him and collapsed up nan struggle. Johnston uttered a threat to “finish her off”, struggled pinch her again, brandished a weapon and – arsenic good arsenic threatening others – tried to harm himself, nan tribunal heard.

Johnston pleaded guilty past period to assaulting his woman and endangering her life.

The judge, Lady Drummond, concluded that nan only “appropriate” condemnation would beryllium jail.

Speaking of Grace Johnston’s ordeal, Drummond said: “She feared for her life. The strangling lasted 20 seconds.”

Referring to nan unfortunate effect assessment, nan judge said Grace Johnston had reported emotion nan incident had impacted her truthful severely that nan representation of it would impact her “forever”. Drummond told Keir Johnston: “She cannot understand your deficiency of remorse.”

She imposed a custodial condemnation of 54 months, reduced from 60 months to return relationship of Johnston’s early blameworthy plea. His condemnation will beryllium backdated to 9 May this year; erstwhile he was first taken into custody. Drummond besides imposed a non-harassment bid banning Johnston from contacting aliases approaching his woman for 10 years.

Source theguardian