Man who survived ebike fire that killed his family fights for change to UK law

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A man who narrowly survived an ebike artillery occurrence that killed his partner and 2 children says he is tormented by condolences and guilt but wished to conflict to alteration nan rule to debar akin tragedies.

Scott Peden, 31, was placed successful an induced coma for a period aft suffering 15% soul burns erstwhile he tried to wrestle his burning ebike retired of his Cambridge level past June. He besides smashed his bottommost successful 3 places jumping from his chamber aft nan artillery exploded.

When he was pushed backmost by nan flames and toxic fumes he called to his partner, Gemma, 31, and children, Lilly, eight, and Oliver, four, to jump from nan aforesaid bedroom. “She said: ‘I can’t get out.’ That’s nan past words I heard. I don’t cognize what happened,” Peden said.

He added: “Gemma knew I tried to help, but did nan kids? Was their past thought ‘where’s Dad?’ I consciousness truthful overmuch guilt and fearfulness astir what they went done successful those past mates of minutes, it hits maine each day.”

Family of 4 dressed up smartly pinch canine to nan right
‘It hits maine each day’: Scott Peden pinch his partner, Gemma, Lilly, eight, and Oliver, four. Photograph: Scott Peden/PA

Peden learned of their destiny only erstwhile he emerged from nan coma successful a burns portion successful Broomfield infirmary successful Chelmsford. He says: “They told maine Oliver was recovered successful his bedroom. Gemma was recovered successful our chamber doorway and Lilly was nether our beds pinch nan 2 dogs.” The occurrence destroyed nan family’s assembly level and everything successful it.

Cambridgeshire constabulary told Peden that his family and nan dogs each died from lithium state poisoning. An inquest into their deaths will return spot aft constabulary person concluded an investigation. It has truthful acold focused connected nan erstwhile owners of a secondhand artillery that Peden bought online days earlier it exploded successful his hallway.

Gemma, Oliver and Lilly were among 11 group killed successful fires caused by ebike batteries successful nan UK past year, believed to beryllium nan highest number successful a azygous year. Coroners, occurrence officers and campaigners person expressed increasing siren astir rising income of unregulated and perchance lethal batteries.

The number of fires from ebikes and escooters successful London much than doubled successful 2 years, from 78 successful 2021 to 179 past year, according to figures from nan London occurrence brigade. In nan first 5 months of this twelvemonth location person already been 66 specified fires successful nan capital.

Peden is backing a run by nan kindness Electrical Safety First (ESF) for a rule alteration to guarantee location is independent third-party certification successful nan waste of specified batteries, arsenic location is pinch different vulnerable products specified arsenic fireworks.

Speaking from nan Cambridge level wherever he has been rehoused, Peden said he was an “unlikely poster boy” for nan run arsenic he was dealing pinch his ain trauma. He said: “I utilized to dream nan full acquisition complete and complete again. The PTSD intends that abrupt bangs put maine successful a panic attack.”

But, he added: “Campaigning has fixed maine a consciousness of purpose. My life has been ruined but I tin thief prevention personification else’s.”

At nan clip of nan fire, Peden was moving for M&S unloading early-morning transportation trucks. He shared nan ebike pinch a workfellow who worked nan evening shift. When nan artillery was stolen he could not spend nan £600 it costs for a caller one.

After having struggled financially, nan family was looking guardant to Oliver starting schoolhouse arsenic Gemma could get a part-time job. He said: “Our lives were conscionable beginning. We were looking guardant to yet taking nan kids connected holiday. And it each sewage snuffed retired successful a night.”

Peden has not spoken to Gemma’s family since nan ceremonial and says they are improbable ever to forgive him. Asked what he would opportunity to them, he said: “I’m sorry, that’s each I tin say. Should I person conscionable utilized a push bike? It’s each my decisions that I person to unrecorded with.”

It was not Peden’s responsibility that nan artillery was unsafe aliases that it was truthful easy to bargain online. Picking up his phone, he showed that wrong seconds he was being targeted pinch adverts connected societal media for akin secondhand batteries pinch nary information warnings aliases certification.

The Department of Business and Trade said a Whitehall taskforce had been group up to tackle nan problem and investigation had been commissioned to understand nan origin of fires successful lithium batteries.

Peden is disappointment by nan delays. “The longer they return to regulate, nan much nan bodies will heap up,” he said. He urged nan adjacent authorities to present ebike information laws arsenic soon arsenic it came into office. “If my communicative doesn’t show nan hopeless request for a alteration successful nan regulation, past I don’t cognize what will.”

In a run video for Electrical Safety First, he said: “We are trusting nan authorities that they are safe, but they are not. They request to beryllium regulated, they request to beryllium checked. Change nan rules to prevention someone’s life.”

Lesley Rudd, ESF’s main executive, said: “Across nan state group are dying because of these fires, and group for illustration Scott are near surviving pinch nan condolences and devastation. The position quo is sidesplitting group and ruining lives.”

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